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December 19, 2023  |  Sequencing 101

Sequencing 101: Structural variation

Structural variation full size

Over the last 50 years, many monumental achievements in genetics and biology have unfolded before our eyes. From the invention of DNA sequencing technologies to the completion of the human…

November 22, 2023  |  Human genetics research

Sequencing 101: Tandem repeats

Large rectangular image of a purple and light pink checkerboard pattern for tandem repeats header image

In the field of genetics, the concept of tandem repeats has been both scientifically fascinating, experimentally challenging, and motivating for technology development. As DNA sequencing technologies and analysis tools have…

August 8, 2023  |  Sequencing 101

Sequencing 101: SBB sequencing

SBB sequencing

Since the inception of next generation sequencing (NGS) more than a decade ago, short-read sequencing accuracy has seen only marginal improvement. Having achieved a level of precision thought to be…

May 18, 2023  |  Sequencing methods

Sequencing 101: Sequencing coverage

sequencing coverage social image

This article explores sequencing coverage fundamentals. Uncover key concepts and discover how highly accurate long-read sequencing provides a comprehensive view of the genome, at any coverage level. What is sequencing…

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