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You can find answers to general product support questions at your convenience. Select filters on the right or use search to find topics. If you need additional assistance, you can reach our support team Monday–Friday, 7:00 AM–5:00 PM PST at 1.877.920.PACB (7222), option 1.

Please use our automation workflow selector tool to determine which of our PacBio Compatible automation solutions are best for your application.

No. PacBio does not accept samples for sequencing. See the list of our global certified service providers (CSPs) by geographic region.

Email with the name of your employer or institution and your address and we will connect you to the relevant team for your organization.

You can find additional information on our training where you can search for and download online webinars, e-modules, and other training documents. You can also find various applications (WGS, targeted, epigenetics, RNA and metagenomics) on our sequencing methods page. If you have any questions about our training materials, contact us.

You can find the protocols (procedure & checklists) on the protocols page (filtered view from featured documentation).

You can find all the resources for barcoding all types of samples on the multiplexing page

Analysis pipelines are enabled for many applications using SMRT Link.

In addition, a large assortment of command line computational tools and workflows that cover many different types of analyses can be found on the PacBio Github repository.

An overview of HiFi applications and associated analysis tools is also available.

PacBio software is provided for free from our software + bioinformatics webpage, Bioconda, DockerHub,, and the PacBio Github. Depending on the type of analysis you need to do, it may be easier to install our SMRT Link software suite or install particular computational tools or workflows to your Linux server or Cloud instance. Please reach out to technical support or Field Applications Bioinformatics Scientists for more information.

HiFi reads are produced using circular consensus sequencing (CCS) mode on PacBio long-read systems. HiFi reads provide base-level resolution with 99.9% single-molecule read accuracy.

HiFi reads can be used across a wide range of SMRT sequencing applications, from whole genome sequencing for de novo assembly, comprehensive variant detection, epigenetic characterization, RNA sequencing and more.

With reads tens of kilobases in length you can readily assemble complete genomes and sequence full-length transcripts. HiFi sequencing provides exceptional read lengths without compromising throughput or accuracy. For more information visit the How does HiFi sequencing work? or HiFi sequencing technology page.

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If the wrong barcodes were selected, use one of the two options:

  1. SMRT Link: use the Data Utility “Undo Demultiplexing” (make sure to run on the parent dataset) and then redo demultiplexing with the correct barcode file using the Data Utility “Demultiplex Barcodes
  2. Command line: use lima-undo to undo demultiplexing followed by lima for demultiplexing with the correct barcode fasta file

If barcodes are missing or scores look low and you want to investigate what barcodes might be in the sample that were missed, try using the command line tool lima with –peek-guess

PacBio HiFi reads can detect single-nucleotide variants (SNVs), small indels (<20 bp in length) and structural variants (SVs), such as insertions, deletions, duplications, inversions, translocations, short tandem repeats (STRs), and copy number variants (CNVs). For more details, please see our Variant detection webpage.

Contact and we will provide the FASTA file.

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