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Application kits

  • MAS-Seq for 10x Single Cell 3’ kit
  • HiFi Viral SARS-CoV-2 kit
  • SMRTbell gDNA amplification kit

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Library prep + barcoding

  • SMRTbell library prep
  • Onso library prep + conversion kit
  • Barcodes
  • Size-selection

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long-read sequencing

HiFi sequencing: Revio system consumables​






The Revio system simplifies the HiFi sequencing experience with fewer consumables optimized for easy tracking and minimal waste. With workflow improvements, loading consumables takes under a minute at the instrument.​​

Revio polymerase kit

Optimized reagents to bind polymerase to prepare 24 SMRTbell libraries for sequencing​

Revio SMRT Cell tray

4 high-density SMRT Cells, each with 25 million ZMWs

Revio sequencing plate

Reagents for sequencing up to 4 Revio SMRT Cells. The sequencing plate combines multiple parts from the Sequel IIe system: sequencing plate, tube septa, sample plate, mixing plate, and SMRT Cell oil.

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short-read sequencing

SBB sequencing: Onso consumables

The Onso system is optimized for seamless workflow integration to meet the demands of NGS laboratories. These core consumable kits each contain a dual-lane flow cell, clustering plate, and all reagents needed for either single or paired-end sequencing.

Supports read lengths of 1 x 200 bp or 2 x 100 bp

Supports read lengths of 2 x 150 bp

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Single-cell sequencing


Discover new biology in your single-cell transcriptome studies with the MAS-seq kit. Obtain full-length isoform information at single-cell resolution by combining the power of single-cell technology from 10x Genomics with PacBio HiFi sequencing.

MAS-Seq for 10x Single Cell 3’ kit

The MAS-Seq for 10x Single Cell 3’ kit containing oligos and reagents for making MAS-Seq libraries from cDNA generated using the 10x Chromium Next GEM Single Cell 3′ kit (v3.1). The kit contains MAS adapters that produces a library ready for sequencing.​

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Nanobind + SRE Kits

Nanobind HMW DNA extraction + Short-Read Eliminator kits


Micro-, nano-, and single-molecule technologies to streamline every step in the genomics workflow


Get rid of short DNA quickly and efficiently

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Featured consumables

Library prep consumables for Sequel II systems

SMRTbell prep kit 3.0 and binding kits 3.1 and 3.2 accelerate sample preparation times, lower DNA input requirements, and simplify protocol guidance across applications. We also now offer single collection versions of our SMRT Cell 8M and sequencing kit and consumables, offering users the flexibility to run small, single SMRT Cell runs when convenient.

Learn how these consumables can elevate your whole genome sequencing, variant detection, epigenome analysis, and full-length RNA sequencing research with quick turnaround times to characterize SNVs, structural variants, splice isoforms, and improved genome annotation with high accuracy.


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