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Unlock the potential of PacBio sequencing using our portfolio of tools to analyze, visualize and annotate your sequencing data.

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Long-read sequencing

SMRT Link software

Software tools for Sequel II/IIe and Revio systems designed to set up and monitor long-read HiFi sequencing runs, review performance metrics, analyze, visualize, and annotate sequencing data.

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SMRT Analysis

As part of SMRT Link, SMRT Analysis offers exceptional computational power for all scientists analyzing SMRT sequencing data.

SMRT Analysis offers an easy-to-use graphical user interface, flexible command-line options, and an extensive set of APIs for streamlined integration with analytical workflows.

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Short-read sequencing

Onso analysis software

The PacBio obc2fastq software is designed for use with Onso sequencing data. You can demultiplex samples and generate FASTQ files for use with downstream data pipelines through a command-line interface.

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SMRT compatible analysis products

We have identified trusted analytical partners to expand the potential of your PacBio data and further your sequencing goals.

From compute infrastructure to tertiary analysis, these analytical partners offer a wide variety of solutions and services to complement our SMRT Analysis products.

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Read the tertiary tools application note

This application note details a wide array of bioinformatics tools for full length- isoform sequencing across isoform classification and annotation, fusion transcript discovery, variant calling, transcript assembly, differential transcript analysis, differential splicing usage, and transcript visualization.

Analysis Tools by Application and Methods

The PacBio analytical portfolio can be applied across our applications. Learn more about these applications and analytical tools:

Applications Analytical tools
Whole genome sequencing – for humans, plants, animals and microbes including de novo sequencing and variant detection
Whole genome sequencing analytical tools de novo assembly and variant detection
RNA sequencing – in-depth analysis of cDNA sequences across the entire transcriptome or targeted genes
RNA sequencing analytical tools utilize the Iso-Seq method for isoform detection and characterization
Targeted sequencing – study relevant genome targets across the regions of interest
Targeted sequencing analytical tools for structural variation, detection of rare SNPs, indels, haplotypes, and phasing
Complex populations – understand variants among bacterial, viral and cancer cell populations
Complex Populations analytical tools for de novo assembly, CCS, minor variant, and base modifications
Epigenetics – detect DNA modifications in your samples while you sequence on the PacBio platform
Epigenetic analytical tools for direct detection of base modifications and motif analysis by measuring kinetic variation during base incorporation
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Featured method

Multiplexing — enables long-read sequencing of multiple samples on the same SMRT Cell to increase throughput and enhance the efficiency of your research.

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