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  |  2023

Human genomics overview

PacBio® HiFi sequencing delivers highly accurate long reads for analyzing both DNA and RNA. The unique combination of accurate base calling and long read length of HiFi enable the phasing of haplotypes, coverage of high GC regions, and bisulfite-free detection of 5-methylcytosine. Together, these features allow you to explore the full extent of human genetic variation with a more comprehensive view of the genome, transcriptome, and epigenome than ever before

Application brief HiFi target enrichment with Twist probes

With HiFi target enrichment you can easily and cost-effectively sequence just the genes you care about at scale. Design custom gene panels with our partners at Twist, sequence them with long and accurate HiFi reads, and get all the benefits you expect from HiFi reads: comprehensive detection of single nucleotide variants, structural variants, and indels. HiFi target enrichment is the only technology that can resolve complex gene families like HLA or Cytochrome P450 genes with haplotype resolution.​

HiFi WGS sequencing with the Agilent Femto Pulse system

Getting the most out of your long-read whole genome sequencing (WGS) workflow requires accurately characterizing the size distribution of your genomic DNA and SMRTbell® libraries. The Agilent Femto Pulse system is the recommended quality control (QC) technology for PacBio long-read sequencing using the new SMRTbell prep kit 3.0 workflow

Application note – HiFi amplicon sequencing for Thalassemia

PacBio® HiFi reads are long (up to 25 kb) and accurate (99.9%). Targeted HiFi sequencing of amplicons has the ability to span entire genes, allowing for straightforward haplotype construction, detection of structural variants or copy number variants in addition to SNVs and indels. These attributes make targeted HiFi sequencing well suited to analyze both rare and common variants of all types, thus increasing the positive detection rate of thalassemia-related variants.

Onso SBB product note

SBB® is an innovative sequencing technology that delivers amazing NGS accuracy. By incorporating native nucleotides and removing the need to cleave fluorescent modifications, the sequencing strand has minimal scarring and results in higher accuracy base calls.
  |  2022

Onso system brochure

Powered by the innovative sequencing by binding (SBB®) technology, the Onso system delivers unprecedented accuracy and sensitivity to advance your critical and groundbreaking research.
  |  2022

Onso system specification sheet

The Onso short-read sequencing system is a scalable and flexible benchtop platform that provides an unprecedented level of accuracy through unique sequencing by binding (SBB®) technology. The Onso system features dual lanes, no index-hopping, and low duplications.
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