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  |  2023

Revio system specification sheet

The Revio™ system empowers HiFi sequencing. It adds affordability, high throughput, and ease of use to a foundation of long reads, exceptional accuracy, and direct methylation detection.
  |  2023

Technical note — Size selection of PacBio SMRTbell libraries with the Lightbench instrument from Yourgene Health

The LightBench from Yourgene Health uses Ranger Technology to deliver accurate size selection for whole genome sequencing and includes the ability to perform fragment length analysis for additional quality control. With an automated workflow to optimize walk-away time, the LightBench offers a scalable size selection solution for the preparation of SMRTbell gDNA libraries for HiFi sequencing.
  |  2023

Overview — Human genomics

PacBio® HiFi sequencing delivers highly accurate long reads for analyzing both DNA and RNA. The unique combination of accurate base calling and long read length of HiFi enable the phasing of haplotypes, coverage of high GC regions, and bisulfite-free detection of 5-methylcytosine. Together, these features allow you to explore the full extent of human genetic variation with a more comprehensive view of the genome, transcriptome, and epigenome than ever before
  |  2023

Revio core lab brochure

The Revio system is built for core labs who want to scale. HiFi sequencing on the PacBio Revio system brings higher throughput and reduced cost to labs where scale is important.

Application brief — Germline variant detection with the Onso system

Powered by sequencing by binding (SBB) chemistry, the PacBio short- read Onso platform delivers extraordinary base-calling accuracy (90% of bases at ≥Q40), setting a new standard in genetic research. This remarkable accuracy instills a new level of confidence in sequencing data and improves the ability to characterize challenging genetic variations through genome- wide and targeted approaches.
  |  2023

Brochure — Onso partners

The PacBio® Compatible program provides seamless integration of industry-leading tools into the short-read sequencing by binding (SBBTM) workflow on the OnsoTM platform.
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