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Application note — Comprehensive genotyping with the PureTarget repeat expansion panel and HiFi sequencing

Powered by the exceptional accuracy of HiFi sequencing and the Tandem Repeat Genotyping Tool (TRGT), the PacBio® PureTarget™ repeat expansion panel offers more comprehensive genotyping for 20 of the most important repeat expansions for human health. This application note demonstrates the performance of the PureTarget repeat expansion panel, and presents the PureTarget panel as a scalable, more comprehensive solution for profiling repeat expansions, compared to legacy genotyping and next-generation sequencing methods.
  |  2024

Solutions guide — Public health

Detect, track, and characterize pathogens to a new standard of completeness and precision. PacBio® solutions offer unmatched accuracy and long read lengths to support a wide range of pathogen surveillance applications.

Product note — Onso SBB

SBB® is an innovative sequencing technology that delivers amazing NGS accuracy. By incorporating native nucleotides and removing the need to cleave fluorescent modifications, the sequencing strand has minimal scarring and results in higher accuracy base calls.

Application brief — HiFi amplicon sequencing

With Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing and the Sequel System, you can easily and cost effectively generate highly accurate long reads (HiFi reads, >99% single-molecule accuracy) from genes or regions of interest ranging in size from several hundred base pairs to 20 kb. Target all types of variation across relevant genomic regions, including low complexity regions like repeat expansions, promoters, and flanking regions of transposable elements.
  |  2024

Technical note — High throughput DNA shearing using Hamilton Microlab Prep

The whole genome sequencing (WGS) application requires an up-front mechanical DNA shearing step to transform genomic DNA into fragment sizes appropriate for HiFi sequencing. With the Hamilton Microlab Prep system, this step can be performed in as little as 22 minutes for 24 samples at the cost of a pipette tip per sample. Here we describe the required equipment and consumables, best practices, and procedure for shearing DNA on the Microlab Prep system.

Application brief — Germline variant detection with the Onso system

Powered by sequencing by binding (SBB) chemistry, the PacBio short- read Onso platform delivers extraordinary base-calling accuracy (90% of bases at ≥Q40), setting a new standard in genetic research. This remarkable accuracy instills a new level of confidence in sequencing data and improves the ability to characterize challenging genetic variations through genome- wide and targeted approaches.
  |  2024

PureTarget brochure

PureTarget offers an easy and scalable workflow to capture repeat expansions and brings you from sample to answer in three days. Compatible with the RevioTM and Sequel® II systems, PureTarget libraries can be multiplexed with up to 48 samples, generating deep coverage across the 20-gene target panel.
  |  2024

Brochure — Nanobind HT HMW DNA extraction

PacBio® Nanobind® HT kits enable automation of DNA extraction, the first step of an end-to-end workflow that harnesses the power of HiFi sequencing. Nanobind HT kits are designed for whole human blood and mammalian cell samples and are compatible with four robotic platforms.
  |  2024

Brochure — Nanobind PanDNA kit

The all-new PacBio® Nanobind® PanDNA kit consolidates the capabilities of our existing sample-specific offerings into a single solution for DNA extraction. This kit provides users with an all-in-one extraction experience that can be used with a wide range of sample types. The PanDNA kit supports high-quality extraction from cultured cells, bacteria, whole blood, tissue, plant nuclei, and insect samples.
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