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PacBio Literature

  |  2023

Onso system brochure

Powered by the innovative sequencing by binding (SBB®) technology, the Onso system delivers unprecedented accuracy and sensitivity to advance your critical and groundbreaking research.
  |  2023

Onso system specification sheet

The Onso short-read sequencing system is a scalable and flexible benchtop platform that provides an extraordinary level of accuracy through its unique sequencing by binding (SBBTM) technology.
  |  2023

Solutions guide — Public health

Detect, track, and characterize pathogens to a new standard of completeness and precision. PacBio® solutions offer unmatched accuracy and long read lengths to support a wide range of pathogen surveillance applications.
  |  2023

Flier — Tandem repeat analysis TRGT

HiFi reads can span most repeats, making it possible to comprehensively profile variation in repeat regions and to measure any changes in methylation. PacBio has developed the Tandem repeat genotyping tool (TRGT) and Tandem repeat visualizer (TRVZ) as bioinformatics tools to accurately profile short tandem repeats, variable number tandem repeats, and macrosatellites.
  |  2023

Brochure — Metagenomics solutions guide

Accurate and flexible HiFi solutions for metagenomics and microbiome sequencing allow researchers to study microbes and microbial communities in high resolution without the need for culturing.
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