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  |  2024

Brochure — Nanobind HT HMW DNA extraction

PacBio® Nanobind® HT kits enable automation of DNA extraction, the first step of an end-to-end workflow that harnesses the power of HiFi sequencing. Nanobind HT kits are designed for whole human blood and mammalian cell samples and are compatible with four robotic platforms.
  |  2024

Brochure — Nanobind PanDNA kit

The all-new PacBio® Nanobind® PanDNA kit consolidates the capabilities of our existing sample-specific offerings into a single solution for DNA extraction. This kit provides users with an all-in-one extraction experience that can be used with a wide range of sample types. The PanDNA kit supports high-quality extraction from cultured cells, bacteria, whole blood, tissue, plant nuclei, and insect samples.
  |  2024

Technical note – High throughput DNA shearing using Hamilton Microlab Prep

The whole genome sequencing (WGS) application requires an up-front mechanical DNA shearing step to transform genomic DNA into fragment sizes appropriate for HiFi sequencing. With the Hamilton Microlab Prep system, this step can be performed in as little as 22 minutes for 24 samples at the cost of a pipette tip per sample. Here we describe the required equipment and consumables, best practices, and procedure for shearing DNA on the Microlab Prep system.
  |  2023

Brochure — Plant + animal applied markets

PacBio® provides cutting-edge sequencing that allows scientists to unlock the genetic diversity of all species on earth. These tools can fuel discoveries in agriculture, biodiversity, and environmental health, and build toward a sustainable future.

Application brief – HiFi sequencing enables greater accuracy of somatic variant calling

High-quality HiFi reads detect a wide range of cancer-specific somatic variation including single nucleotide variants (SNVs), structural variants (SVs), insertions and deletions (indels), copy number variations (CNVs), and methylation in a single assay. HiFi sequencing shows improved somatic variant calling accuracy with less sequencing relative to other technologies.

Application note — Kinnex 16S rRNA kit for full-length 16S sequencing

The Kinnex 16S rRNA kit increases throughput by 12-fold using the MAS- Seq concatenation technology. We show that more read depth allows for higher multiplexing capacity (up to 1,536-plex) and allows more identified species per sample. Coupled with flexible multiplexing strategies and a SMRT® Link bioinformatics workflow, users can now achieve cost-effective full-length 16S rRNA gene sequencing for species- and strain-level identification for microbiome studies.
  |  2023

Brochure — Kinnex

Kinnex offers full-length isoform discovery and abundance information, cell type-specific isoform discovery, and species-level metagenomics community identification that are difficult to capture with short reads.
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