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From eye-opening tech comparisons to inspiring examples of PacBio HiFi technology in action — this blog series explores what sets HiFi sequencing apart.

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Understanding the myriad of different cell types, states, and their functions is essential to understanding biology. Cell atlas projects and consortia aim to map different cell types in tissues, organs,…

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Long-read sequencing myths: debunked.
Part 1- HiFi sequencing

  In the fast-evolving landscape of genomics, the pace can be dizzying, and the fear of falling behind is real. Genomic research undergoes constant change, so if you want to…

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A HiFi movement: Transcript isoform resolved RNA sequencing

The books of life are fascinating yet challenging reads, owing to the complexity of the underlying biological processes and their alterations that lead to disease. Thanks to highly accurate HiFi…

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The HiFi difference – large-scale, high-quality data for all of us

A new preprint entitled Utility of long-read sequencing for All of Us – from research groups at Baylor College of Medicine, the Broad Institute, Jackson Laboratory, Discovery Life Sciences, Harvard…

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The HiFi difference Christmas edition – Big genomes

This year, the scientific community has achieved many “firsts” – across genomes, transcriptomes, epigenomes, metagenomes, and more – with long and accurate HiFi sequencing. Another, seasonally timely, “first” was just…

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The HiFi difference – immunology with a FLAIRR

Antibodies are the work horses of the adaptive immune system, identifying and neutralizing foreign objects like bacteria and viruses, and thereby are central to the science of immunology. A new…

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The HiFi difference Halloween edition – DEAD GENES

Pseudogenes are typically regarded as non-functional DNA elements, and have therefore not received as much attention as their parent genes. Thanks to PacBio HiFi sequencing, many pseudogenes now RISE FROM…

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The HiFi difference: Out-of-the-box 5-base sequencing

Back in April we introduced significant software enhancements to simultaneously provide the base sequence and 5-methylcytosine DNA methylation status by default, making the Sequel II/IIe systems the world’s first (and…

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The HiFi difference — not being CLR

This week Illumina gave an update on their synthetic long-read approach previously named “Infinity reads,” now rebranded as Complete Long Reads (CLR). This acronym choice is of course quite ironic…

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The HiFi difference – E pluribus unum

Over the past few months, we have highlighted the striking versatility of HiFi sequencing in a series of a dozen blogposts, allowing many different research applications to be performed with…

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