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Our technology provides the most comprehensive view of genomes, transcriptomes, and epigenomes.

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Whole genome sequencing

Achieve the highest consensus accuracy and uniform coverage for reference quality genomes in humans, plants, animals, and microbes.

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Targeted sequencing

Accurately detect and uncover all variant types even in hard-to-reach regions of the genome.

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Explore how epigenetic changes affect gene expression, host-pathogen interactions, environmental response, and more.

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RNA sequencing

Discover new genes, transcripts, and alternative splicing events with a complete view of transcript isoform diversity.

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HiFiViral kit provides labs with a future-proof solution for COVID-19 variants.

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The RNA Isoform Landscape of Cancer

Learn how PacBio’s accurate long-read RNA sequencing provides true discovery power of cancer-related RNA isoforms and allows for the understanding of molecular mechanisms underlying cancer biology

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Sequence with confidence using PacBio highly accurate long reads

Explore the advantages of the Sequel II and IIe systems with HiFi sequencing technology.

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Did you know we have a comprehensive library with over 10,000+ articles, reports, papers, and videos?

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We deliver sequencing technologies with the most accurate and comprehensive genomics data so that you can find answers where others have only found questions.

We strive to miss nothing, so you can do anything.

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