Onso system

The next era in short-read sequencing

A groundbreaking new sequencer

The Onso system is an innovative benchtop short-read DNA sequencing platform with an extraordinary level of accuracy using PacBio sequencing by binding (SBB) technology. Ultra-high Q40+ data quality allows you to break through limits of detection.

15× higher accuracy than other benchtop sequencers

SBB chemistry to deliver ultra-high quality, highly accurate, and exceptionally sensitive detection of cfDNAs.

Unprecedented sensitivity

Delivering the ability to identify biomarkers missed by other sequencing platforms.

Q40+ performance provides high quality results at lower read depth than SBS.

Less sequencing per sample allows reduced cost and increased throughput.

Seamless workflow integration

Designed with key accessories and the flexibility to integrate with existing short-read tools:

  • Library conversion kit
  • PacBio native library prep kits (HMW and fragmented DNA preparation)
  • Blocking oligos for hybridization capture methods
  • Library amplification kit
  • Library quantification kit
  • Lambda sequencing control library (spike-in library)

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The Onso™ library preparation kits are used to create libraries for the PacBio® Onso short-read sequencing system. Leveraging proven next generation sequencing (NGS) workflows, libraries can be created in as little as 3 hours from a wide range of sample types (e.g., fragmented or high-molecular weight DNA) and input amounts (10–1,000 ng).

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Onso reagents Read length Reads Output (Gb) Run time Quality score
200 cycle sequencing kit

2x100 bp
1x200 bp

400—500 M 80—100 32 hours ≥90% Q40
300 cycle sequencing kit 2x150 bp 400—500 M 120—150 48 hours ≥90% Q40

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SBB chemistry

Powered by innovative SBB technology, the Onso system delivers near-perfect accuracy and sensitivity to advance your research.

The system delivers 15× higher accuracy than SBS and allows characterization of homopolymers. Fewer errors mean less false positives and more biological insight.

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SBB® is an innovative sequencing technology that delivers amazing NGS accuracy. By incorporating native nucleotides and removing the need to cleave fluorescent modifications, the sequencing strand has minimal scarring and results in higher accuracy base calls.

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Higher accuracy

Unique SBB technology delivers 15× higher accuracy for sensitive and specific characterization of low complexity regions with 90% Q40+. Fewer errors mean less false positives and more biological insight.

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Improved sensitivity

Using fewer reads, the Onso system lowers the limit of detection, which drives the sensitivity of applications like liquid biopsy. This enables the identification of variants missed by other short-read sequencing platforms.

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Streamlined workflow

Simple workflows easily integrate into existing laboratory processes, reducing time and labor.

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Q40+ delivers high quality results at lower read depths enabling scalable sequencing while reducing time and cost. Reduced need for unique molecular identifiers (UMIs) lowers workflow complexity and cost.

Industry-leading sensitivity for low-frequency allele detection
in liquid biopsy*

Frequently asked questions

We plan to begin shipping Onso systems in the first half of 2023.

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The Onso system was designed with flexibility to allow users to leverage the large number of genomic tools available for short-read NGS. Libraries prepared from third party kits are easily adapted for use on the Onso system with the Onso library conversion kit. This enables applications including single cell analysis (10x Genomics), exome sequencing (Twist) and hybrid capture technology (Agilent).

What can you do with the Onso system?

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Cancer research

Enable development of screening, monitoring, and therapy selection

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Gene editing

Confirmation of editing outcomes and biomarker discovery

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Validated WES using Twist Bioscience hybrid capture protocol

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Single cell

10x Genomics Chromium libraries supported and validated on Onso system

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