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Introduction to PacBio sequencing systems

The Sequel II and Sequel IIe systems offer the most accurate and comprehensive views of the genome, epigenome, and transcriptome available today. Building on years of cutting-edge research and development, these systems are enabling our customers to make discoveries that will change the world. 

Key features include:

  • Highly-accurate long reads
  • Effortless access to the epigenome with 5-base HiFi sequencing (A,T,C,G plus 5mC)
  • Uniform coverage with no GC bias, and free of systematic error
  • Single-molecule resolution

PacBio [HiFi] provides the lowest error rate out of all technologies.1

— Association of Biomolecular Research Facilities

Sequencing in action

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How far we’ve come part one: insect genomics

The Sequel II and IIe platforms benefit entomologists even further by facilitating the sequencing of even the smallest species with as little as 5 ng of genomic DNA.

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HiFi sequencing — Unlock your next great discovery

Researchers are fueling discovery with the advantages of short reads and traditional long reads in one easy-to-use technology.

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Experts at Children's Mercy Kansas City turn to long-read whole genome sequencing to provide insights for rare diseases

Scientists at the Children’s Mercy Kansas City have found the way to provide insights to rare diseases that have eluded conventional sequencing approaches.

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PacBio has over 10,000 articles, reports, papers, and videos related to genomic sequencing?

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Sequel II Systems

The Sequel II and Sequel IIe platforms enable access to PacBio’s unique HiFi technology. This technology is consistently recognized for providing the most accurate and complete sequencing data available.

Both the Sequel II and IIe platforms offer:

  • HiFi reads with industry-leading data accuracy
  • Automated consumable handling with integrated software
  • Intuitive run setup and monitoring
  • Flexible run times with walkaway times of up to 4 days

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Future genomic sequencing systems

Through continued research and development, PacBio is consistently working to further advance our genomic sequencing systems to create a more diversified portfolio of platforms.

As new platforms emerge, we aim to deepen customer collaboration to enable an even larger variety of novel and emerging genomics applications.

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PacBio sequencing workflows at a glance

Easy-to-use, high-throughput sequencing for the accuracy you need at an affordable cost

Streamlined library prep solutions

  • Easy-to-use protocols that go from sample to sequencer in a single afternoon
  • Efficient solutions for a wide array of sample inputs starting at just 5 ng
  • Designed with automation in mind to enable higher throughput and ease of use
  • Numerous barcoding solutions with the ability to pool multiple samples at once


True, single-molecule long-read sequencing

  • Easily obtain long, accurate, and unbiased reads with fully automated sequencing
  • Accomplish direct detection of epigenetic modifications with true single-molecule sequencing
  • Walkaway sequencing of up to 8 SMRT Cells in a single run


Powerful bioinformatics offerings

  • Best-in-class tools to gain deep insights from industry leading data
  • Access pipelines for a wide array of applications, including genome assembly, variant detection and much, much more

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