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Introduction to PacBio sequencing systems

Building on years of cutting-edge research and development, our systems enable researchers to make discoveries that will change the world. Explore the exceptional accuracy of our long-read and short-read sequencing systems.

Revio systemREVIO SYSTEM
Long-read sequencing

Highly accurate HiFi sequencing for complete views of genomes, epigenomes, and transcriptomes

Throughput to run up to 1,300 human HiFi genomes per year

Smart consumables for simple handling and less plastic waste

Powerful compute with Google Health DeepConsensus onboard

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Short-read sequencing

Greater level of sensitivity to detect rare variants

Reduced requirement for sequencing coverage depth versus SBS sequencers

Contiguous reads through homopolymer and difficult to sequence regions

Low duplication rate, no index hopping

Rapid conversion of existing P5/P7 libraries for sequencing on the Onso system

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Long-read sequencing

Long, accurate HiFi reads with DNA methylation direct from the instrument in every run

Supports a wide range of applications – targeted sequencing, RNA sequencing, and whole-genome sequencing

Throughput match for microbial genome sequencing, AAV vector sequencing, Iso-Seq, and more

Featured in hundreds of peer-reviewed publications

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“Using PacBio sequencing we can detect mutations that otherwise would be missed in Illumina sequencing”

– van Schendel, NAR Genomics and Bioinformatics, 2022
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Meet Revio and Onso — Our newest long-read and short-read sequencing systems. Long reads at a lower cost and higher throughput. Short reads with exceptional accuracy. Endless opportunities for discovery.

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Revio system   Onso system

Sequencing in action


SBB sequencing

The accuracy of the SBB novel sequencing approach has the potential to advance cancer research, drive higher fidelity for single-cell applications, and broadly enable translational sequencing – even in regions of the genome prone to sequencing errors.

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The T2T Consortium recently accomplished a landmark achievement by generating a complete human genome for the very first time — all with the help of PacBio HiFi sequencing.

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Ladybug on a green leaf

How far we’ve come part one: insect genomics

The Sequel II and IIe platforms benefit entomologists even further by facilitating the sequencing of even the smallest species with as little as 5 ng of genomic DNA.

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