Immunogenomics + Hla

From SNVs to structural variants, isoforms and somatic hypermutation, see the full range of variation that impacts the immune response in infectious disease, cancer, or autoimmunity.

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Discover the Diversity that Drives Adaptive Immunity

The loci encoding the critical components of the vertebrate immune system are at once highly variable from person to person and hard to sequence. Only HiFi sequencing combines single-molecule accuracy with long read lengths, allowing you to:

  • Generate fully phased haplotypes of immunologically important NGS dead zones including the KIR and IGH loci
  • Determine HLA haplotypes unambiguously and without imputation
  • See the full diversity of the adaptive immune response in action with full-length transcripts and isoforms in targeted, bulk or single cell experiments

Use These Applications to Explore the Immune System with Confidence

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Targeted sequencing

Targeted sequencing to generate fully phased HLA haplotypes without imputation with HiFi reads

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Profile the BCR repertoire

Profile the BCR repertoire without primer or CDR3 length bias to fully capture somatic hypermutation and resolve both isotype and IgG subclass

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RNA sequencing

RNA sequencing to characterize the complete landscape of isoform diversity that distinguishes the many cell types involved in the adaptive immune response

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KIR Haplotyping with Target Capture

Using only 18 IDT xGen Lockdown probes, HiFi Sequencing, and free software all diploid human KIR haplotypes were assembled and phased for the first time. Unlike past KIR sequencing methods, it is efficient enough for population-scale studies. The combination of high accuracy and long read lengths were critical to resolving genes that can be up to 98% identical.

Roe, D., et al. (2020) Efficient sequencing, assembly, and annotation of human KIR haplotypes. bioRxiv Preprint.


IGH Haplotyping with Target Capture

Target capture enrichment of DNA for IGH sequences followed by HiFi sequencing and analysis with iGenotyper allows locus-wide haplotyping of all IGH variant types for multiple samples in a single run, laying the groundwork to study population-level variation in the antibody response.

Rodriguez, O. L., et al. (2020) A novel framework for characterizing genomic haplotype diversity. bioRxiv Preprint.

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