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As we continue to deliver transformative sequencing technologies to the world, we also aim to bring innovative partner technology to our customers enabling full workflow solutions.

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We work with a wide range of industry-leading organizations to ensure the compatibility of products optimized for use in PacBio workflows.

10x Genomics

PacBio is partnering with 10x Genomics through the 10x Compatible Partner Program and PacBio Compatible to unlock a multidimensional approach to sequencing at exceptional resolution and accuracy. This partnership demonstrates compatibility of the new PacBio MAS-Seq kit for 10x Chromium single cell libraries to be paired with PacBio’s long read sequencing platforms.

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Agilent is a compatible partner for end-to-end targeted sequencing workflows including automation, library prep, and data analysis. This partnership leverages the ClearSeq Comprehensive Cancer panel and the accuracy of SBB technology to confidently identify disease-associated variants and optimize the molecular profiling of cancers. Targeted sequencing is enabled by Agilent’s SureSelect Custom DNA Target Enrichment Probes and PacBio’s sequencing by binding (SBB) technology. Additionally, Agilent’s Femto Pulse instrument is recommended for accurate generation of large-insert libraries for de novo large genome sequencing projects and other PacBio applications leveraging multi-kilobase read lengths.

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BugSeq is a fully automated bioinformatics platform for microbiology labs. BugSeq powers the analysis of genomic and metagenomic data at global institutions with leading accuracy, cloud acceleration and intuitive analysis. The BugSeq platform is optimized for addressing the challenges of security, scalability, and collaboration in organizations that are pursuing genomic-based approaches to identify and characterize microbes. The BugSeq team is made up of experts in microbiology, computational biology and cloud computing who work tightly with partners to tackle some of the most exciting opportunities in microbiology, making it easier — and in many cases possible — to translate sequencing data into actionable results.

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Shearing with the Megaruptor system leads to optimal long-read sequencing using PacBio systems prior to library preparation with the SMRTbell prep kits. The Megaruptor 3 system, recommended by PacBio for HiFi, microbial multiplexing and structural variants provides optimal DNA fragmentation from 5kb-100kb. The Megaruptor 3 comes with a default cassette that processes up to 8 samples at once, and Diagenode now offers a 12-sample cassette for 50% higher throughput that easily fits into your existing Megaruptor 3. The user-friendly system allows samples to be processed simultaneously without additional user input.

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DNAnexus is a software partner with a platform to analyze large amounts of raw genetic data, share, collaborate, and integrate genetic data with other types of data, such as data from electronic medical records or imaging data.

Google Health

Google Health is a strategic development partner for DeepConsensus integration into the PacBio Revio system. Google Health’s DeepVariant software analysis of PacBio HiFi data won best performance in variant calling for all benchmark regions in the Precision FDA Truth Challenge v2.


Hamilton workstations are compatible automation solutions for PacBio sequencing platforms. Hamilton and PacBio have partnered to develop walk-away automation solutions for both High Molecular Weight (HMW) DNA extraction as well as SPK3 PacBio Library Preparation kits to enable genomic workflows globally.

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The Single Cell RNA Boost Kit from Jumpcode is designed to deliver approximately a 50% boost in gene and UMI sensitivity for single cell and spatial libraries with significant increase in isoform detection.  This kit depletes abundant and uninformative fragments prior to sequencing such as ribosomal and mitochondrial transcripts and is compatible with the PacBio MAS-Seq kit.

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NVIDIA’S invention of the GPU in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market, redefined modern computer graphics, and revolutionized parallel computing. More recently, GPU deep learning ignited modern AI — the next era of computing — with the GPU acting as the brain of computers, robots, and self-driving cars that can perceive and understand the world. NVIDIA is a data computation and storage partner of PacBio that has shown successful deep learning models to polish HiFi reads. PacBio sequencing data outputs can be analyzed by NVIDIA Clara™ Parabricks®, the only GPU-accelerated computational genomics toolkit for secondary analysis, which delivers fast and accurate analysis for sequencing centers, clinical teams, and researchers.


Qiagen is a partner for PacBio SBB workflows, providing end-to-end targeted sequencing including automation, library prep, and data analysis. Qiagen and PacBio are partnering on cfDNA workflows for the Onso sequencing platform.


Sentieon is a data analysis partner for processing and accelerating PacBio FASTQ to VCF data processing. Sentieon’s DNAscope tool takes advantage of the improved quality and long read length of PacBio HiFi reads to perform quick and accurate variant calling using specially calibrated machine learning models.


Tecan offers multiplexed library preparation that is a compatible automation solution for PacBio sequencing platforms. The Tecan DreamPrep NGS Compact is a walkaway automation solution for NGS library prep with flexible configurations to deliver consistent, sequencing-ready libraries for a wide range of NGS protocols with minimal manual intervention that match different throughput requirements for your PacBio sequencer.

Twist Bioscience

PacBio has partnered with Twist Bioscience to deliver long-read target enrichment panels. The initial portfolio of products focuses on challenging, medically relevant genes (Dark Genes panel) and pharmacogenomics (Long Read PGx panel). Custom panel capability broadens access to the benefits of long-read HiFi sequencing like accurate variant detection including structural variants and phasing. This partnership also combines the outstanding accuracy of SBB technology with the Twist Exome 2.0 panel: 50x coverage of >80% target bases. By partnering with Twist, PacBio can deliver a targeted sequencing solution that is high throughput and cost-effective while also being supported end-to-end.

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