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As we continue to deliver transformative sequencing technologies to the world, we also aim to bring innovative partner technology to our customers enabling full workflow solutions.

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We work with a wide range of industry-leading organizations to ensure the compatibility of products optimized for use in PacBio workflows.

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Library prep

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PacBio is partnering with 10x Genomics through the 10x Compatible Partner Program to unlock a multidimensional approach to sequencing at unprecedented resolution and accuracy. This partnership demonstrates compatibility of the new PacBio MAS-Seq kit for 10x Chromium single cell libraries to be paired with PacBio long read sequencing platforms. 


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Shearing with the Megaruptor leads to optimal long-read sequencing using PacBio systems prior to library preparation with SMRTbell prep kits. The Megaruptor 3, recommended by PacBio for HiFi, microbial multiplexing, structural variants, and long-read sequencing provides optimal DNA fragmentation from 5 kb-100 kb. Process 1-8 samples simultaneously with the user-friendly automated system. Also check out the latest DNAFluid+ Kit for pre-processing high molecular weight DNA on the Megaruptor as well as the Megaruptor 3 Shearing Bundle which includes DNAFluid+ and shearing hydropores for optimal results. 


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NEB is a strategic sourcing partner for the PacBio portfolio of products. The NEBNext suite of products continues to evolve to support next generation sequencing with sample preparation tools that streamline workflows, minimize inputs, and improve library yields and quality for use with PacBio sequencers.  



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PacBio has partnered with Twist Bioscience and their unparalleled targeted sequencing technology which can be applied broadly to custom gene panels in conjunction with PacBio SMRT technology, allowing access to the benefits of long-read HiFi sequencing in a targeted, high throughput, and cost-effective manner. PacBio and Twist have collaborated to validate their Exome 2.0 panel to deliver a best-in-class workflow for exome sequencing, combining the outstanding accuracy of SBB technology with the unrivaled performance of Twist Exome 2.0. This unmatched performance translates to fewer wasted reads and optimized coverage of target sequences. 

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DNA Nexus logo

DNAnexus is a software partner with a platform to analyze large amounts of raw genetic data, share, collaborate, and integrate genetic data with other types of data, such as those from electronic medical records or imaging data. The FALCON tool is a fast, accurate, and cost-efficient solution for diploid-aware de novo genome assembly on the DNAnexus platform that is compatible with PacBio data output.  


Google Health logo

Google Health is a strategic development partner for DeepConsensus integration with PacBio sequencing platforms. Google’s genomic analysis, machine learning, and algorithm development tools are integrated with PacBio onboard analysis to unlock more insights from PacBio sequencing data. 


NVidia logo

NVIDIA is a data computation and storage partner that has shown successful deep learning models to polish HiFi reads. PacBio sequencing data is compatible with NVIDIA Clara Parabricks secondary analysis, the only GPU-accelerated computational genomics toolkit, which delivers fast and accurate analysis for sequencing centers, clinical teams, and researchers 


Sentieon logo

Sentieon is a data analysis partner for processing and accelerating PacBio FASTQ to VCF data processing. Sentieon’s DNAscope tool takes advantage of the improved quality and long read length of PacBio HiFi reads to perform quick and accurate variant calling using specially calibrated machine learning models. 

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Agilent is a compatible partner for end-to-end targeted sequencing workflows including automation, library prep, and data analysis. This partnership leverages the upcoming SureSelect Cancer panel and the accuracy of PacBio sequencing by binding (SBB) technology to confidently identify disease-associated variants and optimize the molecular profiling of cancers. Targeted sequencing is enabled by Agilent’s SureSelect Custom DNA Target Enrichment Probes. Additionally, Agilent’s Femto Pulse instrument is recommended for accurate generation of large-insert libraries for de novo large genome sequencing projects and other PacBio applications leveraging multi-kilobase read lengths.

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Hamilton logo

Hamilton workstations are compatible automation solutions for PacBio sequencing platforms. Hamilton and PacBio have partnered to develop walk-away automation solutions for both High Molecular Weight (HMW) DNA extraction as well as SPK3.0 PacBio SMRTbell library prep kit 3.0 to enable genomic workflows globally. 

Miroculus logo

The Miroculus Miro Canvas is a compatible automation solution using digital microfluidics for PacBio sequencing platforms. The Miro Canvas system supports fully automated WGS library preparation with PacBio SMRTbell express template prep kit 2.0 and SMRTbell prep kit 3.0 using 1-5 μg high quality, high molecular weight input DNA. The Miroculus protocols offer the flexibility to choose an automated, fast bead-based size selection, or a more stringent gel-based size selection. Miro Canvas total library quantities, peak sizes, and primary sequencing metrics are comparable to manually prepared libraries. 


tecan logo

Tecan offers multiplexed library preparation that is a compatible automation solution for PacBio sequencing platforms. The Tecan DreamPrep NGS Compact is a walkaway automation solution for NGS library prep with flexible configurations to deliver consistent, sequencing-ready libraries for a wide range of NGS protocols with minimal manual intervention that match different throughput requirements for your PacBio sequencer. 


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SMRT compatible workflow solutions

We believe in creating comprehensive customer satisfaction and support, which is why we have chosen only the best partners. Through these strong partnerships, we aim to deliver:

  • Cutting-edge, complete workflow solutions that will continue to expand
  • Continuous development of innovative applications and technologies
  • Easy adoption and compatibility with existing technologies
  • More powerful tools for discovery and decision making


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Our partner program is open to all companies developing and supplying products and solutions compatible with, or relevant to, our SMRT technology. If you are interested in working with PacBio, let us know.

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