One of our top priorities is equipping our current and future customers with the tools they need to push the boundaries of scientific discovery. To support our customers, we provide an expansive collection of resources designed to aid your research efforts at every level.

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Technical resources

Support FAQs

Answers to general product support questions at your convenience

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Technical support

Contact our technical support team through our customer portal.

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Our extensive database of documentation provides a complete overview of SMRT technology and its use in research settings.

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PacBio offers a full library of training materials, including webinars, e-modules, user guides, and more.

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Procedures + checklists (protocols) technical documentation for your PacBio systems.

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PacBio systems provide the ability to sequence multiple samples on a single SMRT Cell to increase throughput and enhance the efficiency of your research.

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Software downloads

HiFi software downloads

SMRT Link software for the HiFi long-read Revio and Sequel IIe systems. The PacBio open-source SMRT Analysis software suite is designed for use with HiFi sequencing data.

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Onso software downloads

The PacBio obc2fastq software is designed for use with Onso sequencing data.

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Computational Tools

Here are some of the popular command line tools and workflows for advanced users for HiFi applications. Note that these command line tools are considered in-development tools, can be updated frequently, and are not supported as part of the PacBio software product suite.

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