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PacBio  |    |  2022

Onso system by PacBio – a new standard in short-read sequencing

The Onso system is an innovative benchtop short-read DNA sequencing platform with an unprecedented level of accuracy using PacBio sequencing by binding (SBB) technology. Ultra-high Q40+ data quality allows you to break through limits of detection.
PacBio  |  PacBio  |  2024

Extraction to Revio system: we’ve got you covered

In this video, you’ll learn about the extraction of high molecular weight DNA, which is optimal for long-read sequencing, the positive correlation that exists between sample quality and sequencing performance, new whole genome and micro lab prep method kits that will scale with your needs, and finally, our compatibility partners who enable sequencing success, all of which is designed with the goal of achieving customizable end-to-end solutions.
PacBio  |  PacBio  |  2024

Understanding full-length single-cell RNA-seq of immune cells in cardiovascular diseases

Discover how full-length isoform sequencing enables you to robustly and cost effectively identify new isoforms at scale and study isoform dynamics in single-cell populations. The MAS-Seq for 10x Single Cell 3’ kit – and its successor, the Kinnex single-cell RNA kit – concatenate isoforms for highly accurate long-read sequencing (HiFi sequencing). This approach increases throughput and reduces costs by giving you a 16-fold throughput increase compared to un-concatenated libraries, without losing accuracy or full-length isoform information. Anastasiya Grinko, MSc, applied the MAS-Seq kit to profile the single-cell isoform landscape of monocyte-derived macrophages after myocardial infarction. This approach captured thousands of distinct isoforms, making it possible to see cell-type-specific isoform utilization in monocytes and macrophage subtypes and to unveil temporal dynamics of isoform expression. Watch this webinar to: • Understand the importance of elucidating isoforms in single-cell transcriptomics. • Learn how to analyze MAS-Seq and Kinnex single-cell data with the Single-cell Iso-Seq workflow in SMRT Link. • See how the throughput of the MAS-Seq single-cell kit revealed differentially expressed isoforms across cell types in heart tissue after myocardial infarction.
PacBio  |  PacBio  |  2024

AAV capsid discovery and design – novel sequencing approaches

In this webinar, hear expert testimony about the practical applications of HiFi sequencing in creating novel AAV capsids, highlighting the technology’s impact on safety and efficacy. You’ll also understand the intricacies of AAV whole-capsid engineering and the advantages of PacBio long reads for addressing current challenges. Finally, you’ll discover more comprehensive solutions for vector discovery, design, and characterization, setting new standards in gene therapy research.
PacBio  |  PacBio  |  2024

More samples, lower costs, less time: New PacBio HiFi prep kits + Microbial WGS

In this webinar, learn how the HiFi plex prep kit 96 allows you to sequence small genomes at similar costs to short-read prep workflows, all while making high-quality sequencing more accessible by eliminating common bottlenecks related to cost, time, and labor. You’ll also get to hear a case study utilizing the HiFi plex prep kit 96 for microbial WGS assembly and anti-microbial resistance (AMR) detection, including a comparison to short-read WGS results on the same microbial samples.
PacBio  |  PacBio  |  2024

The value of Q40+ sequencing accuracy with SBB for liquid biopsy

Liquid biopsy is revolutionizing cancer research through non-invasive detection of tumor DNA in the blood. However, sequencing errors introduced by traditional next-generation sequencing can mimic real mutations, obscuring the true signal. The PacBio Onso short-read sequencing system, powered by our highly accurate SBB technology, can reduce false positives and improve sensitivity for detecting rare variants in ctDNA, potentially enabling a new generation of liquid biopsy assays for more sensitive tumor DNA detection.
PacBio  |  PacBio  |  2024

Transcript detection and quantification using Kinnex full-length RNA sequencing data

In this webinar, learn how David Wissel from ETH Zurich uses MAS-Seq technology, integral to Kinnex kits, to enhance throughput for lrRNA-Seq, facilitating more comprehensive transcript quantification. The analysis contrasts Kinnex data with short-read RNA-Seq using spike-in RNA variant control mixes and assesses its efficacy in differential transcript expression and usage. Additionally, the webinar introduces an accessible Snakemake workflow, tailoring bioinformatics processes for efficient isoform analysis in multi-sample studies. Uncover the bioinformatics frontier in RNA sequencing research!
PacBio  |  PacBio  |  2024

Leveraging isoform-level RNA sequencing to understand rare disease pathogenesis.

In this webinar, Dr. Carolina Jaramillo Oquendo, a Research Fellow at the University of Southampton, presents her analyses of rare disease samples, in collaboration with the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. Dr. Oquendo also discusses her groundbreaking work demonstrating how transcriptomics, utilizing the new full-length Kinnex RNA kit, has been instrumental in revealing the underlying biology in samples from individuals with rare diseases where short-read genome sequencing did not provide an explanation.
PacBio  |  PacBio  |  2024

Bioinformatics resources to analyze PacBio HiFi human genomes

Discover how HiFi human genome sequencing, paired with cutting-edge bioinformatics, is reshaping our understanding of human biology and diseases. This webinar delves into a comprehensive bioinformatics pipeline, addressing a vast range of variant types. From standard single-nucleotide variants and indels to the more complex structural variants and tandem repeats - HiFi sequencing, in conjunction with sophisticated bioinformatics, provides profound insights and clarity.
PacBio  |  PacBio  |  2024

A more complete view of cancer—get genome, epigenome, & transcriptome with HiFi long-read sequencing

Do you have a comprehensive view of the cancer genome, epigenome and transcriptome in your research? Learn how highly accurate HiFi long-read sequencing can provide you with accurate detection of small variants and the ability to phase them. With the throughput and scale of Revio you can now confidently detect somatic variants in tumor samples without leaving anything behind.
  |  PacBio  |  2024

Increasing the throughput of full-length 16S and RNA-Seq with Kinnex kits

Explore the transformative capabilities of Kinnex kits from PacBio, in reshaping the landscape of microbiome community profiling and RNA-Seq in plant and animal research. This webinar guides you through the enhanced functionalities of full-length 16S rRNA and RNA-Seq, empowered by the new Kinnex kits (using MAS-Seq technology/method), which facilitate a substantial increase in the number of reads obtained from PacBio long-read sequencing platforms. Delve into detailed customer scientific studies that showcase the practical applications and influential impact of Kinnex kits in contemporary research environments.
PacBio  |  PacBio  |  2023

Advancing Cardiology Research with Long-read RNA Sequencing

In this webinar, learn how long-read transcriptomics at full-length isoform resolution is transforming our understanding of heart development, function, and disease. Two researchers discuss their use of bulk and single-cell sequencing with the PacBio Iso-Seq method for cardiology research, which includes a comparison to Oxford Nanopore and short-read RNA sequencing, discuss applications in spatial transcriptomics, and review early data generated from the recently released Kinnex full-length RNA kit.
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