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November 22, 2023  |  Human genetics research

Sequencing 101: Tandem repeats

Tandem repeats featured image

In the field of genetics, the concept of tandem repeats has been both scientifically fascinating, experimentally challenging, and motivating for technology development. As DNA sequencing technologies and analysis tools have…

November 9, 2023  |  Human genetics research

Capturing human genomic diversity

Arab pangenome

A new Arab pangenome reference has been constructed from 43 individuals enabling the study of variants and sequences of significance to the Arab population. In a newly released preprint entitled…

August 8, 2023  |  Sequencing 101

Sequencing 101: SBB sequencing

SBB sequencing

Since the inception of next generation sequencing (NGS) more than a decade ago, short-read sequencing accuracy has seen only marginal improvement. Having achieved a level of precision thought to be…

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