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March 7, 2023  |  Rare disease

Shining a light on dark genes

Blurred background image of lights, white and blue

  Countries around the world have recognized the value of precision health and population genomics research initiatives. They have launched efforts to sequence thousands to millions of genomes in order…

March 2, 2023  |  General

Sequencing 101: long-read sequencing

long-read sequencing featured image

Long-read sequencing technologies such as PacBio HiFi sequencing are quickly becoming the new gold standard in genomics research. This article provides an introductory look at what long-read sequencing is, and…

December 22, 2022  |  Plant + animal biology

The HiFi difference Christmas edition – Big genomes

HiFi sequencing holiday ornament

  This year, the scientific community has achieved many “firsts” – across genomes, transcriptomes, epigenomes, metagenomes, and more – with long and accurate HiFi sequencing. Another, seasonally timely, “first” was…

December 13, 2022  |  Plant + animal biology

2022 Plant + Animal SMRT Grant winners

Plant + Animal SMRT Grant logo

  PacBio is driven to create the most sophisticated multiomic sequencing technologies in the world so that you can forge a new frontier in biology. Through the SMRT Grant program, PacBio awards free HiFi sequencing services to…

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