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May 18, 2023  |  Sequencing methods

Sequencing 101: Sequencing coverage

sequencing coverage social image

This article explores sequencing coverage fundamentals. Uncover key concepts and discover how highly accurate long-read sequencing provides a comprehensive view of the genome, at any coverage level. What is sequencing…

April 20, 2023  |  Human genetics research

VAMOS! Discover hidden VNTRs with long reads

Targeted sequencing

  See how the Chaisson lab created a new method to characterize human VNTR variation with PacBio long-read sequencing.   Structural variants are hard to find with short-read sequencing methods…

November 1, 2022  |  Human genetics research

Innovations abound at Iso-Seq Social Club 3

sequencing full length rna transcripts image of coil of dna strand

  In this article, we discuss PacBio RNA sequencing through the lens of our most recent Iso-Seq Social club event. Read about the exciting scientific wins that were shared, and…

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