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February 21, 2024  |  Microbiome

Watch: Kinnex kits enable full-length 16S and RNA sequencing at scale

When new sequencing instruments are released, great leaps in genomics capabilities follow. But did you know that for some applications like 16S microbiome research, gene annotation, or cancer transcriptomics, “new-instrument-level” performance can be achieved with something as simple as an off-the-shelf kit?

December 12, 2023  |  Products, procedures + protocols

Kinnex launch promises to revolutionize RNA research

Kinnex kits

RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) has become an indispensable tool for analyzing transcriptomes across all domains of life that can reveal insights about biology and disease. While the genome remains relatively constant…

November 1, 2022  |  Human genetics research

Innovations abound at Iso-Seq Social Club 3

In this article, we discuss PacBio RNA sequencing through the lens of our most recent Iso-Seq Social club event. Read about the exciting scientific wins that were shared, and see…

October 12, 2022  |  Cancer research

2022 Cancer Transcriptomics SMRT Grant winners

Cancer transcriptomics 2022 SMRT Grant logo image - PacBio

At PacBio, we are driven to create the most sophisticated multiomic sequencing technologies so that you can forge a new frontier in cancer research. Through the SMRT Grant program, PacBio awards free…

March 24, 2022  |  Products, procedures + protocols

The HiFi difference – full-length RNA sequencing

An image of RNA on a purple and magenta background

Through the development of long-read, full-length RNA sequencing methods, the scientific community has recognized a fundamental paradigm shift, “from ‘gene-centric’ to ‘isoform-centric’ understanding of human transcriptomes, owing to the frequent…

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