Short-read sequencing: Sequencing by binding

Breakthrough next generation sequencing technology to begin a new era in short-read sequencing

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Introduction to sequencing by binding

Since acquiring Omniome, PacBio is uniquely positioned as the only company with both highly accurate native long-read and short-read sequencing platforms. The integration of these complementary technologies will enable PacBio to dramatically expand its market opportunity for sequencing in novel ways, providing more value to customers across the broadest spectrum of applications.

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The Onso system is an integrated hardware and software platform focused on delivering highly accurate reads. This system, including its associated reagents and workflows, is the cumulation of more than seven years of innovation that have resulted in over 90 issued patents and numerous pending applications in the US and abroad. Designed from the ground up for accuracy, the Onso system enables researchers to be free from limitations of existing on-market short-read sequencing platforms, and fuel new discoveries in oncology, inherited disease, single-cell, and other applications where the highest levels of sequencing fidelity are desired.

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Short-read sequencing chemistry

A major contributor to the Onso system’s highly accurate reads is the chemistry. Proprietary sequencing by binding (SBB) chemistry uses native nucleotides, scarless incorporation, and optimized conditions for binding and extension. These innovations result in data with decreased errors relative to competing platforms and, as a result, allow detection of rare variants below the limit of detection of existing platforms as well as providing access to regions in the genome previously thought to be intractable to short-read technology. We believe SBB will provide new opportunities for advancement of biology through highly accurate next generation sequencing.

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SBB® is an innovative sequencing technology that delivers amazing NGS accuracy. By incorporating native nucleotides and removing the need to cleave fluorescent modifications, the sequencing strand has minimal scarring and results in higher accuracy base calls.

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Sequencing by binding solutions

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Cancer research

Enable development of screening, monitoring, and therapy selection

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Gene Editing

Confirmation of editing outcomes and biomarker discovery

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Validated WES using Twist Bioscience hybrid capture protocol

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10x Genomics Chromium libraries supported and validated on the Onso system


By collaborating deeply, we are reimagining genomics applications without boundaries. We seek partners to define what the scientific community needs most so that we can shape the technology and make an impact. Our collaboration drives discovery and potential therapies to those in need.

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Onso is an innovative benchtop short-read sequencing platform that uses PacBio SBB technology to produce an unprecedented level of accuracy.

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