Short-read sequencing: Sequencing by binding

Breakthrough next generation sequencing technology to begin a new era in short-read sequencing

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Introduction to sequencing by binding

Since acquiring Omniome, PacBio is uniquely positioned as the only company with both highly accurate native long-read and short-read sequencing platforms. The integration of these complementary technologies will enable PacBio to dramatically expand its market opportunity for sequencing in novel ways, providing more value to customers across the broadest spectrum of applications.

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Sequencing by binding technology - PacBio


Under development since 2013, SBB technology has the potential to deliver unsurpassed sequencing accuracy. It is a highly differentiated solution that aims to advance cancer diagnostics, drive higher fidelity for single-cell applications, and broadly enable clinical sequencing. The groundbreaking engineering of the short-read sequencing platform that enables SBB will offer significantly faster data collection and throughput expansion at a lower cost than traditional NGS platforms.

Sequencing chemistry

The accuracy of SBB’s novel sequencing approach has the potential to advance cancer diagnostics, drive higher fidelity for single-cell applications, and broadly enable clinical sequencing — even in regions of the genome prone to sequencing errors. We believe that sequencing by binding (SBB®) will be a key player in the future of short-read sequencing. Our proprietary technology creates unparalleled next generation sequencing (NGS) opportunities by improving access to molecular information.

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Sequencing by binding solutions



Providing opportunities for screening, monitoring, and therapy selection



Enabling gene editing and environmental monitoring



Fueling advances in cell transplant and organ transplant

reproductive health

Reproductive Health

Unlocking discovery and potential clinical application for NIPT and rare and inherited disease


The development of SBB technology redefines how technology is created. By collaborating deeply, we are reimagining genomics applications without boundaries.

We seek partners to define what the scientific community needs most so that we can shape the technology and make an impact.

Our collaboration drives discovery and potential therapies to those in need.

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Additional PacBio Sequencing Systems

Sequel II systems generate long reads with greater accuracy and throughput, at a significantly lower cost.

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