November 3, 2022  |  Plant + animal biology

Getting started has never been easier with the Plant + Animal Hub


Embarking on a new voyage of discovery can be one of the most satisfying, motivating, and exciting aspects of being a scientist. However, finding resources and technical solutions to meet your research needs can be overwhelming.

That is why we created the Plant + Animal Hub.

Whether you are incorporating genomics into your research for the first time, or are switching to PacBio from another technology, the new interactive Plant + Animal Hub project resource center was created to provide you with all the resources you need to build and execute a successful plant or animal sequencing project using state-of-the-art PacBio solutions.

Tackle even the most intricate genomes with confidence

With cutting-edge sequencing systems that generate crisp, clean, and incredibly accurate data and updated kits that allow you to extract quality DNA from even the tiniest organisms, PacBio is the proven choice for your most ambitious plant and animal research endeavors.

“We were concerned that, faced with this huge and very likely complex desert locust genome, it was going to be an extremely long and difficult job… but with today’s advances in DNA sequencing technologies, we are now able to generate extremely accurate genomes of insects that previously would have been unapproachable.”

-Scott M. Geib PhD, USDA-ARS

The length and accuracy of HiFi sequencing runs on PacBio long-read systems enable you to confidently assemble and phase reference-grade genomes like never before. These detailed assemblies can help you gain groundbreaking new insights into the evolution, adaptation, and physiology of organisms across the tree of life from the charismatic California redwood to small-bodied insects and everything in between. That is why USDA researchers chose PacBio HiFi sequencing for an ambitious mission to sequence the 8.8 Gb genome of the desert locust Schistocerca gregaria. This species of acridid grasshopper is a voracious agricultural pest that jeopardizes the food security of approximately one in ten people on earth.


Despite being nearly three times the size of the human genome, the unmatched length and correctness of HiFi sequencing enabled the team to build world-class reference assemblies of not only S. gregaria, but five additional locust species. This accomplishment represents a major milestone in insect genomics with potentially profound humanitarian implications.

By providing critical detail and accuracy, these HiFi genomes will pave the way for comparative genomic studies and inquiries into the remarkable phenotypic plasticity observed in this important group of insects. The outcome of such investigations may ultimately enable researchers to develop a way to control the destructive swarming phenotype of S. gregaria and other locust species.

Get the info you need, all in one place

The Plant + Animal hub distills the tremendous wealth of information on PacBio sequencing down to the specific information relevant to accelerating your next discovery. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions about the goals of your study and the specifics of your organism.

Resources provided through the hub include:

  • A list of materials you’ll need to get started.
  • An overview of sample preparation and sequencing workflows.
  • A collection of relevant plant and animal scientific publications, webinars, peer insights, and more.

Try out the hub

Your partner in the pursuit of discovery

At PacBio, nothing matters more than being a reliable partner who supports and inspires your scientific success. Find the right solutions for achieving your research goals using the helpful resources provided through the Plant + Animal Hub. If you have further questions, connect with us to discuss how PacBio can help turn your research vision into an actionable reality.


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