April 26, 2021  |  Products, procedures + protocols

New HiFi Sequencing Workflow and Software Update Streamlines Whole Genome Sequencing

Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of a new HiFi Sequencing workflow along with a software update for the Sequel II and Sequel IIe Systems that will increase the number of HiFi reads at or above 99.9% accuracy (QV30) for whole genome sequencing-based applications. Together, these advances will improve the quality of HiFi Sequencing while providing​ an efficient and scalable workflow for sequencing hundreds to thousands of whole human genomes per year on Sequel Systems.
Whole Genome Sequencing
This high-throughput sequencing and analysis workflow release includes a new HiFi library prep protocol offering a three-fold reduction in DNA input, enabling HiFi sequencing with limited sample quantities (neonatal blood, tissue biopsies, and cell lines).

Explore our scalable human whole genome HiFi sequencing workflow for rare and inherited disease research. Download the Workflow.

Developed in collaboration with Children’s Mercy Kansas City, the release supports the adoption of HiFi reads for comprehensive variant detection to better understand the genetic causes of rare and inherited diseases.​ In a statement announcing the release, Emily Farrow, Director of Lab Operations at Children’s Mercy Research Institute, said: “This new workflow provides efficiency in our lab where now two research scientists can comfortably produce one thousand HiFi libraries a year, with the hope of doubling the throughput for library prep by automated liquid handling currently tested in the laboratory.”
The release also features new enabling workflows for variant calling and analysis of the SARS-CoV-2 genome in combination with the recently released high-throughput COVID sequencing protocol developed in partnership with Labcorp.
Jasmine Pritchard, our Vice President of Product Marketing, said, “We see building enthusiasm in the market for HiFi sequencing and this new release demonstrates our commitment to continuously improving our already industry-leading accuracy and key aspects of the workflow. Our team is focused on delivering advancements across the full spectrum of our portfolio, from sample preparation to downstream analysis.”
The HiFi Sequencing and Software v10.1 Release is available to order today and includes the following features:

  • New Consumables: SMRTbell Enzyme Clean Up Kit 2.0​, Sequel II Primer v5​, Polymerase Binding Kit 2.2
  • HiFi Protocol​: Updated HiFi Express protocol enabling reduced DNA input
  • Sequel II ICS v10.1​: On-instrument workflow improvements that simplify run set up, especially for multiplexed applications
  • SMRT Link v10.1​: Updates for Adaptive Loading, our new HiFiViral for SARS-CoV-2 analysis application, and improved Iso-Seq Analysis for multiplexed samples

Want to learn more? Explore the benefits of HiFi sequencing for large or complex plant or animal genomes, human genomes and for comprehensive variant detection.
PacBio Virtual Rare Disease Week, April 27-29 2021
We also invite you to watch our on-demand Rare Disease Week event to hear how scientists are using HiFi sequencing to help identify causative variants and increase solve rates in rare disease research.
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