May 2, 2016  |  General

Join the SMRT Community: User Meetings in Europe, Asia, and the US

There are several PacBio user meetings coming up, and with locations around the world we hope you’ll be able to attend one of them. These meetings are a great way to meet fellow customers, exchange tips, and learn about new applications. If you are interested, please register as soon as possible to reserve your seat.
The Netherlands: SMRT Leiden Symposium & Informatics Developers Meeting, June 6-8
This meeting, organized and hosted by Leiden University Medical Center’s human genetics department, includes a scientific symposium and the first SMRT Informatics Developers meeting in Europe. There’s an impressive agenda for the two-day symposium, with topics covering genomics, transcriptomics, and epigenomics of organisms ranging from microbes to humans. Keynote speakers include Evan Eichler, Steven Marsh, Shinichi Morishita, and Hagen Tilgner. On June 8, the informatics conference will kick off with a keynote talk from Gene Myers and provide plenty of opportunity for brainstorming about approaches to de novo assembly, structural variant detection, genome phasing, the Iso-Seq method, and more. Registration is free.
Maryland: East Coast User Group Meeting & Workshops, June 7-9
PacBio’s fourth annual East Coast User Group Meeting will be hosted by the University of Maryland’s Institute for Genome Sciences. In addition to the day-long meeting on June 8, attendees may also participate in half-day workshops on sample prep (June 7) and bioinformatics (June 9). The sample prep workshop will cover best practices and basic data analysis, with group breakout discussions for deeper dives into specific topics of interest. The bioinformatics event will introduce SMRT Analysis 3.x, including the SMRT Link GUI and command line examples. Data management for both the PacBio RS II and the new Sequel System will be discussed. Reserve your seat now.
Singapore: Asia User Group Meeting & Workshop, June 8-10
This event, held at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, will feature two days of presentations for the user group meeting and an additional day-long bioinformatics workshop. The general meeting will include topics from de novo genome assembly and targeted sequencing to Iso-Seq full-length RNA sequencing and epigenomics, covering microbes, plants, animals, and humans. The bioinformatics workshop will focus on genome assembly and quality control, targeted sequencing and phasing, detection of minor variants or structural variants, and more. Learn more and sign up for the meeting.

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