Sunday, July 7, 2019

Lifestyle of Lactobacillus hordei isolated from water kefir based on genomic, proteomic and physiological characterization.

Water kefir is a traditional fermented beverage made from sucrose, water, kefir granules, dried or fresh fruits. In our water kefir granules, Lactobacillus (L.) hordei is one of the predominant lactic acid bacteria (LAB) species of this presumed symbiotic consortium. It faces abundant sucrose versus limitation of amino- and fatty acids in an acidic environment. Sequencing of the genome of L. hordei TMW 1.1822 revealed one chromosome plus three plasmids. The size of the chromosome was 2.42?Mbp with a GC content of 35% GC and 2461 predicted coding sequences. Furthermore, we identified 1474 proteins upon growth on water kefir medium.…

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