June 27, 2022  |  

Highly Accurate HiFi Reads for Discovery, Design, and Manufacturing of AAV Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is at an inflection point and experiencing tremendous growth. High accuracy and complete visibility are critical to the success of novel vector discovery, vector design, and manufacturing quality control for gene therapy products. This webinar illustrates why PacBio HiFi sequencing is the ideal solution due to its ability to sequence full length AAV genomes at high accuracy, which allows for detection of fragmentation, mutations, and large structural events. Short reads, qPCR, and less accurate long-read technology can miss important changes that may be present in the AAV sequence, potentially affecting the safety and efficacy of gene therapy products.

June 20, 2022  |  

Sequencing by binding (SBB®) delivers unprecedented NGS accuracy

Jonas Korlach, Chief Scientific Officer at PacBio reports at AGBT 2022 on how the company’s new short-read platform, built around sequencing by binding (SBB), promises significant accuracy improvements over conventional NGS approaches. Beyond unparalleled accuracy, he further describes key design principles including mid- to high-throughput NGS platform, optical and mechanical innovations, and scalability, flexibility, and cost-optimization. Korlach also shares specific examples illustrating the unprecedented performance of the platform.

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