January 15, 2021  |  Corporate news

PacBio and Invitae Team Up to Develop Ultra-High-Throughput Clinical Whole Genome Sequencing Platform

PacBio and Invitae PartnershipThe power of PacBio HiFi reads has enabled transformative research into human disease. A new collaboration with Invitae, a leader in medical genetics, is intended to help harness the technology for use in mainstream medicine. 
The ability of HiFi reads to detect genetic variants, even in hard-to-sequence regions of the genome, has already shown clinical utility. In a recent research collaboration with Invitae, announced in October 2020, the comprehensive, highly accurate reads were used to explore clinically relevant molecular targets for use in the development of advanced diagnostic testing for epilepsy. 
We are thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Invitae to develop an ultra-high-throughput clinical whole genome sequencing platform. Read more about it here.
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