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From In Sequence: Spotlight on PacBio Customers’ Data at AGBT 2013

A recent article from In Sequence
highlights several of our customers and the great projects they’ve been working
on with single molecule, real-time (SMRT®) sequencing. If you’re not
a subscriber to the newsletter, you can access the story here.

In the article, GenomeWeb’s Monica Heger reports on
several PacBio customer talks from the Advances in Genome Biology &
Technology meeting, including presentations from Eric Antoniou and Mike Schatz
at Cold Spring Harbor, and Eric Schadt at Mt. Sinai. The article also reports
on a talk given by our CSO, Jonas Korlach.
According to the article, “Pacific Biosciences and
several users recently reported on progress with the company’s long-read
sequencing technology in de novo and hybrid assemblies of microbes
and plants, as well as applications in analyzing difficult-to-sequence regions
of the human genome.”

The usefulness of long-read data was an ongoing trend
noted in the article. From a Cold Spring Harbor presentation on flatworm genome
data, Heger reported, “The team generated 40-fold coverage of the genome with
Illumina reads and 7-fold coverage of the genome with error-corrected PacBio
reads. The N50 contig size with the PacBio-only reads increased to 7 kilobases
from 1.7 kilobases with only Illumina reads, Antoniou said.”
Based on the PacBio talk, the article says, “From
a Salmonella outbreak that occurred in Arizona last October, the
company was able to sequence a clinical isolate and generate a complete
assembly in less than one week, identifying that the genome was contained on
one chromosome with two plasmids containing ‘never before seen sequence,’
Korlach said.”
For more on the many organisms sequenced — including
duckworm, Bordetella pertussis, Listeria, human, and others — be sure to
read the full article.

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