Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Complete genome sequence of Flavobacterium arcticum SM1502T, exhibiting adaption to the Arctic marine salty environment

Flavobacterium arcticum SM1502T, isolated from the surface seawater of King’s Fjord, Svalbard, Arctic, is an aerobic, non-flagellated, rod-shaped and yellow-pigmented bacterium belonging to the family Flavobacteriaceae. It is the first isolated Arctic Flavobacterium bacterium. To date, no genomes of Flavobacterium species isolated from the Arctic region have been sequenced. Here, we reported the complete genomic compositions and metabolic features of F. arcticum SM1502T. The genome consists of 2,970,356?bp with an average GC content of 35.0%. A total of 2652 protein-coding sequences and 50 RNA genes were identified in the genome. SM1502T had lower protein pIs with higher ratios of acidic…

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