Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Cytotoxic and Antibacterial Cervinomycins B1-4 from a Streptomyces Species.

AntiSMASH analysis of genome DNA of Streptomyces CPCC 204980, a soil isolate with potent antibacterial activity, revealed a gene cluster for polycyclic xanthones. A subsequent chemical study confirmed that the microorganism produced polycyclic xanthone cervinomycin A2 (1) and the new congeners cervinomycins B1-4 (2-5). The structures of 1-5 were determined by comprehensive analyses of MS and NMR data, which indicated that 2-5 featured a common dihydro-D ring in the polycyclic xanthone core moiety of their molecules. 2-5 are toxic to human cancer cells and active against Gram-positive bacteria.

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