April 5, 2010  |  

Companies riding the genome wave

Illumina and Life Technologies are sitting at the top of the market for genome sequencing, but next-generation companies with big ideas to cut the cost of sequencing are nipping at their heelsÉ

April 1, 2010  |  

The $1000 Genome: Coming Soon?

DNA sequencing has evolved through two generations and is now on its third, with technology providers racing to sequence a complete genome for $1000 or less…

April 1, 2010  |  

Multiple personal genomes await

Genomic data will soon become a commodity the next challenge – linking human genetic variation with physiology and disease – will be as great as the one genomicists faced a decade ago, says J. Craig VenterÉ

February 23, 2010  |  

PacBio Names First 10 Customers

Pacific Biosciences this week disclosed the first 10 early-access customers for its single-molecule real-time sequencer, which include genome centers and other academic institutions in North AmericaÉ

February 23, 2010  |  

Speedy Prototype Gene Decoders Sold

Ten prototypes of a new, very fast DNA sequencing machine have been sold to customers including Baylor College of Medicine, Stanford University and the crop giant Monsanto, for $695,000 eachÉ

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