September 18, 2018  |  Products, procedures + protocols

Must-Have PacBio Applications & Services: Getting the Most from SMRT Sequencing

In addition to the most common applications, like whole genome sequencing for de novo assembly, there are several other features you can utilize to advance your science or incorporate to offer your customers a broad range of the best PacBio services. Here’s a sampling of the most recent updates and releases.
Iso-Seq Analysis for Genome Annotation or Targeted Isoform Discovery
The isoform sequence (Iso-Seq) application generates full-length cDNA sequences – from the 5’ end of transcripts to the poly-A tail – eliminating the need for transcriptome reconstruction using isoform-inference algorithms. It’s even easier to help your customers annotate their genomes or perform isoform discovery with full-length transcripts now that diffusion loading is supported for Iso-Seq projects. (For more information on switching to diffusion loading for Iso-Seq analysis projects, please contact your local FAS.)
Multiplexing for Bacterial Whole Genome Assembly
A new solution for multiplexed bacterial whole genome sequencing on the Sequel System is now available, enabling pooling of as many as 16 samples that total up to 30 Mb of genomes. With two new barcoded adaptor kits, a run setup calculator, and data analysis workflow, it’s now fast and easy for your customers to generate multiple high-quality bacterial genomes in a single Sequel System experiment.
Structural Variant Detection with Low-Fold Coverage Sequencing
structural variation data graphThe PacBio SV application provides high-sensitivity detection of structural variants in human genomes with modest coverage and a low false discovery rate. These larger variant types are typically missed with short-read methods but are known to cause disease. A simple library prep, using a modest amount (~3 µg) of unamplified genomic DNA from a blood sample, is effective for gene discovery in rare and Mendelian disease as well as broader population-scale SV characterization.

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