January 5, 2023  |  Microbiome

Digest HiFi microbiome and metagenomics research with Publications at a Glance


Stay on top of important HiFi metagenomics research

If you are interested in seeing how PacBio technology is making an impact in current metagenomics and microbiome research, our new Publications at a Glance are an effortless and convenient way to access the latest PacBio-driven discoveries from the community.

This first Publications at a Glance series is comprised of a single-page document (written by PacBio scientists) that delivers busy researchers a quick and easy-to-digest summary of important peer-reviewed articles in microbiome and metagenomics research. Each one highlights key findings from the featured publication, shows how PacBio technology contributed to the findings, and outlines implications for future studies. More Publications at a Glance pieces will be released throughout the year.

Current microbiome and metagenomics titles include:

  • “HiFi sequencing generates complete lineage-resolved MAGs”
  • “Full-length 16S sequencing yields more in-depth taxonomic classification than short-read V4 16S”
  • “HiFi sequencing yields greater resolution of clinical microbiome data”
  • “hifiasm-meta optimizes metagenome assembly from HiFi data”

These publications feature just a few ways that researchers are using HiFi sequencing to unravel the complexities of the microbial world.

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HiFi data is changing the game in microbiome and metagenomics research

Whether you are investigating the connection between the gut microbiome and human health or are unravelling the mysteries of microbial biodiversity in natural and built environments, HiFi sequencing delivers cutting-edge data to enable important and impactful discoveries in metagenomics.

Precisely profile community function and taxonomy at the same time.

  • HiFi shotgun metagenomic sequencing generates datasets made of individual reads that can span an average of 8 contiguous genes. When paired with dedicated analysis tools, HiFi data can deliver breakthrough insights that include detailed taxonomic and functional information from the same sample.

Obtain impressive yields of single-contig HQ MAGs.

Do it all at 15x the throughput with the Revio system

  • The Revio system is a new PacBio long-read sequencing instrument that massively increases the throughput and cost-efficiency of HiFi sequencing. Depending on study objectives, and with the appropriate multiplexing strategy, cost-to-answer performance in metagenomics can be boosted well beyond the impressive 15x benchmark.

The world of discovery is constantly evolving. Stay up to date on these important moments by signing up for Publications at a Glance today. Additional pieces will be released throughout the year, so be sure to follow PacBio on social media to be the first to know when new PDFs are released.


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