November 15, 2017  |  General

Investigating splicing of transcripts in cancer cells: SMRT Grant winner announced

We’re pleased to announce the winner of this year’s ‘Open Your Eyes to Isoform Diversity’ SMRT Grant, which was launched during the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting. The grant program, co-sponsored by PacBio and GENEWIZ, received many compelling entries, and it was a challenge choosing just one winner.
Congratulations to Andrew Ludlow, a new faculty member at the University of Michigan, who impressed reviewers with his proposal to investigate the splicing of transcripts regulated by the oncogene NOVA1. Ludlow notes that in lung cancer cells, NOVA1 acts as a splicing enhancer to produce full-length hTERT and promote telomerase activity, which is essential for cancer cell survival. He proposes to explore whether NOVA1 also regulates other critical hallmarks of cancer by studying changes in the transcriptome of a lung cancer cell line upon NOVA1 knockdown. Since NOVA1 regulates alternative splicing, the unambiguous resolution of isoforms enabled by the Iso-Seq method will be key to developing a complete picture of how NOVA1 alters the functionality of key players in biochemical pathways involved in cancer development.
Thank you to all of the applicants who participated in the ‘Open Your Eyes to Isoform Diversity’ grant program.
For another chance to win, check out our latest SMRT Grant Program with GENEWIZ, focused on discovering structural variation.

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