March 2, 2022  |  Corporate news

CEO Christian Henry’s vision for the future of PacBio


Today marks an exciting change for PacBio. We’ve updated our logo, and our website looks a bit brighter. But this is more than just a new look. It represents our vision for the future and a fundamental shift – the result of the transformation, growth, and focus that have been our cornerstone for the past 15 months.

We took a hard look at our mission and values, and asked ourselves to get very clear about who we are and what we stand for. We challenged ourselves to discover where we could do better. And we’ve evolved our company with a new brand promise to better serve you – our customers.

The scientific community holds the keys to revealing the full potential of the genome and advancing human health. Unlocking that potential takes boldness and vision. We know that scientists deserve a partner who shares that vision and who can deliver the tools, data, and resources required to discover something new.

So, we’re putting you and your pursuit of discovery at the very center of our company, and are thrilled to be a part of your journey.

PacBio logo



Historically, PacBio has been very focused on the development of innovative sequencing technology. Our new vision is centered on providing complete solutions for challenging problems. From sample extraction to data analysis – we strive for simplicity so that you can gain the advanced insights you need to resolve biology.

We have evolved the way that we do business – our partnerships, our customer support model, our product design – and the way that we meet you to ensure that we are focused on serving your needs.




To get us to where we are today, an incredible amount of progress has been made in a short amount of time. We’ve expanded our portfolio and are now the only company with both a leading long-read sequencing technology and a highly differentiated short-read sequencing technology.

We’ve moved beyond being a singular company with a singular level of focus so that we can offer multiple products, technologies, and platforms. Our solutions are purpose-built to help solve your research barriers with the right technology. We push at the cutting edge of innovation, so that you can tackle the world’s most complex genetic challenges.

“At PacBio, we relentlessly pursue advancements in technologies and solutions so that you can make discoveries that will change the world.” – Christian Henry, President and CEO of PacBio

Through our acquisition of Omniome and Circulomics, we’ve made steps to:

  • Ensure pristine DNA extraction and simplify the sample prep process
  • Enable a broad range of applications with highly accurate SBB chemistry
  • Drive down costs for more accessible discovery
  • Offer flexible solutions that are tailored to the problems you are trying to solve

Our progress throughout the past 15 months was driven by improvements to the ways we partner with and support you – our users.


PacBio timeline



As we’ve grown, we’re more aware than ever that genomic discovery is not limited to location. Your research reaches beyond borders, and we want to be here to meet you wherever you are. By establishing global operations in more than 40 countries, we are closer than ever to you, and this improves our ability to rapidly respond to your institution’s needs.

We’ve extended our model of growth into Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. We will continue to increase our presence in territories around the globe so that you can receive best-in-class customer service and support, no matter where you are.



Finally, we know that our new brand is a reflection of the collaborative relationships we hold. We take pride in partnering with leading institutions who are boldly challenging the status quo. Our partners have selected our technology because they believe in the value of highly accurate long reads. And we, in turn, commit to using our partners’ insights to help improve our technology.


PacBio Partners


At PacBio, we relentlessly pursue advancements in technologies and solutions so that you can make discoveries that will change the world. Today marks an important moment in that pursuit. A moment where we are laser focused on our mission and doubling down on our commitment – to improve life on this planet, and to enable the promise of genomics to better human health.

Interested in how we’re pursuing our mission? Learn about our partnership with Care4Rare to advance understanding of rare disease.

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