Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Complete genome sequence of Hahella sp. KA22, a prodigiosin-producing algicidal bacterium

Hahella sp. KA22 is a gamma-proteobacteria bacterium that belongs to the family Hahellaceae and order Oceanospirillales. Strain KA22 is capable of producing prodigiosin, which is a compound with algicidal activity. It is for this reason that further investigation of the genome of strain KA22 will help in revealing the prodigiosin producing mechanism and its ecological functions. In this study, we sequenced and annotated the complete genome of Hahella sp. KA22, the second complete genome sequence of prodigiosin-producing bacteria in the family Hahellacaeae. The genome of strain KA22 is 6,927,416 base pairs in size, contains one chrome with no plasmid and…

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