August 3, 2009  |  

Frontiers in Physics: Real Time DNA Sequencing

It took scientists more than twenty years after the first DNA sequencing technology was discovered to sequence the entire human genome; yet our own cells complete this task every time our bodies produces a daughter cell…

June 29, 2009  |  

FierceBiotech’s 2009 Fierce 15

After running in stealth mode for several years, Pacific Biosciences burst into the open with some of the most significant venture backing the industry has seenÉ

March 2, 2009  |  

Winning the Race

Developers of next-generation and third-generation sequencing technologies compete for first place in the genomics marathon…

February 6, 2009  |  

The DNA stakes

In the race to “bring gene sequencing to the masses,” Menlo Park’s Pacific Biosciences planted its stake firmly in the ground Thursday night. At the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology conference in Florida, the company demonstrated a “real-time” gene sequencing of the

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