August 21, 2013  |  Products, procedures + protocols

New DNA Polymerase P4 Delivers Higher-Quality Assemblies Using Fewer SMRT Cells

Pacific Biosciences is pleased to announce the introduction of DNA/Polymerase Binding Kit P4. This P4 enzyme has average read lengths of >4,300 bp when paired with the C2 sequencing chemistry and >5,000 bp when paired with the XL chemistry. The enzyme’s accuracy is similar to C2, reaching QV50 between 30X and 40X coverage. The resulting P4 attributes will provide you with higher-quality assemblies using fewer SMRT® Cells, and with improved variant calling.

The P4 binding kit is compatible with PacBio® RS and PacBio RS II Systems with the latest version of Instrument Control Software (v1.3.3.1 and v2.0.1 respectively), and with SMRT Analysis v2.0.1 and higher. For more information, please contact your local Field Application Scientist.

In addition to the P4 binding kit, four new controls are being introduced. Two spike-in (or internal) sequencing controls and two whole SMRT Cell (or external) controls are available pre-bound with the P4 polymerase. The controls support 24 reactions per kit and help to distinguish between template preparation and sequencing issues, which simplifies troubleshooting. The spike-in controls are also useful for day-to-day run monitoring and quality control. The new parts are:

Reagent / Part Number

DNA/Polymerase Binding Kit P4 / 100-236-500
DNA Control Complex P4 (250 bp ‒ <3 kb) / 100-245-100
DNA Control Complex P4 (3 kb ‒ 10 kb)  / 100-245-200
Plasmidbell Complex P4 (11 kb) / 100-245-300
Lambda Lib Complex P4 (2 kb) / 100-245-000

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