January 11, 2013  |  Events + conferences

PAG 2013 – What Would You Do with a Complete Genome?

We’re pleased to be hosting a workshop at the 21st
annual International Plant & Animal Genome conference in San Diego next week — and whether you’re attending or
not, we invite you to participate.

The workshop will focus on generating high-quality
bacterial, plant, and animal genomes using SMRT® Sequencing technology. If you’ll be at PAG,
we encourage you to reserve a seat to attend the event. If not, sign up to receive a recording of the workshop.
Our event will take place on Tuesday, January 15th
from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. in the San Diego Room. We’ll have presentations from a
variety of speakers, including:

*  Kim Worley, Human Genome Sequencing Center,
Baylor College of Medicine 
® Reads and PBJelly Software to Improve
Genomes:  A Cost-effective Approach to Finishing

* Mark JJ van Haaren, KeyGene
PacBio RS Long Read Applications in Plant Genomics

* Daniel James Sargent, Applied Rosaceous Genomics,
FEM-IASMA Centre for Research and Innovation
PacBio RS Long Read Sequencing for de novo Assembly of the Potentilla micrantha Genome

*  Jason Chin, Pacific Biosciences
Solving Genetically Complex Problems with Long Reads and Novel
Bioinformatics Approaches

In addition, for those attending the event the PacBio RS
will be discussed in several program presentations and posters

We hope you join us, whether in person or via recording!

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