January 31, 2013  |  Corporate news

Genome Finishing Gets Easier with PacBio Software Update

Plus: Accuracy Boost, Integrated Full-Length cDNA Analysis and Barcoding Support

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new software upgrade — SMRT® Analysis v1.4.0 — that achieves higher quality genome assemblies with near-perfect base-level accuracy. You can read documentation, check out data, and download the new software from DevNet.

SMRT Analysis v1.4.0 includes a new hierarchical de novo genome assembly process (HGAP), which allows researchers to assemble entire microbial and fungal genomes using just PacBio® long reads. As a result, users can generate better assemblies with a single library preparation and fewer SMRT Cells than previous approaches that also required short-read sequencing technologies or circular consensus sequencing.

In addition, the software package incorporates a new multi-read consensus algorithm called Quiver to determine the finished genome sequence with exceptional accuracy. Quiver can achieve greater than 99.999% consensus accuracy for both resequencing and de novo assembly applications.

The software upgrade also includes support for analyzing full-length cDNA transcripts, facilitating understanding of transcription, gene structure and alternative splicing. Unlike other sequencing technologies, SMRT Sequencing can span entire cDNA transcripts with a single read, revealing the complete exonic structure of transcripts.

With SMRT Analysis v1.4.0, you’ll also get support for analysis of barcoded samples, better tools for analyzing and visualizing bacterial methylomes, and enhanced user and group permissions to help sequencing centers and core labs control what data is presented to end users.

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