September 8, 2015  |  Events + conferences

Webinar: Long Fragment Capture for SMRT Sequencing

Roche recently posted this recording of a webinar walking through long fragment capture with SMRT® Sequencing. “Long Genomic DNA Fragment Capture and SMRT Sequencing Enables Accurate Phasing of Cancer and HLA Loci” is a great backgrounder for scientists interested in using the Roche NimbleGen SeqCap EZ System for target enrichment prior to sequencing on the PacBio® system.

The webinar features Denise Raterman from Roche NimbleGen and our own bioinformatics expert Lawrence Hon. Raterman provides a detailed review of the SeqCap EZ workflow, pointing out the specific steps that differ for SMRT Sequencing. The method can be used to capture up to 200 Mb of DNA. Hon presents a step-by-step guide for using SMRT Portal and other tools, including data from the MHC region and a targeted oncology panel, that demonstrate the even coverage generated across multi-kilobase genomic regions. He also explains the bioinformatics workflow for phasing and analyzing haplotypes.

The webinar concludes with a robust Q&A section, including details on hybridization time, probe design, de novo assembly, protocol development, DNA input volumes, HLA typing, and more. For additional details on the SeqCap EZ workflow, check out this blog post.

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