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Sequencing with the Revio system is as easy as it is powerful 


The Revio system was built with the belief that game-changing technology should be simple to use.

For a technology to be truly revolutionary it should deliver superior performance in conjunction with a user experience that is as seamless and intuitive as possible. The Revio sequencing platform was designed around the belief that the most powerful sequencing data should be generated on an instrument that can be easily operated by anyone –from graduate students to lab directors and PIs alike.

The Revio system was created with the awareness that cutting-edge sequencing itself is not the end game, but rather a critical step forward in the grander picture of the good you can achieve with what you find. This feature guide highlights the usability enhancements that help make the Revio system a game-changer in long-read sequencing.


No fuss means more science 

When it comes to interacting with the instrument, less is more. The Revio system revolutionizes your long-read instrument experience by helping you focus more on your science and less on instrument setup.


Begin a run in a minute or less 

Streamlined run creation and instrument loading mean that state-of-the-art HiFi long-read sequencing experiments can now be initiated in less than a minute, enabling you to focus more on your science.   


Getting started on the Revio system is as easy as load, start, and walk away 



Take human error out of the picture 

Obtaining breakthrough-quality sequencing data with the Revio system is a practice meant to involve humans as little as possible and the few steps that do require a person are simple and straightforward. The Revio system avoids some of the frustrations that users may experience with other long-read sequencing technologies.    

loading area of Revio


  • Streamlined loading – Only three things are loaded into the Revio system by the user: sample plates, pipette tips, and SMRT Cells. Each of these consumables is uniquely shaped, ensuring that they are placed in the correct location.   Asymmetrically shaped 96-well sample plates equipped with machine-readable wireless tags mean that every sample is correctly oriented, identified, and matched with your desired sequencing protocol by the onboard computer. No need to worry about a hurried scientist or trainee loading a plate backwards.   
  • Pre-run quality checks – The Revio system automatically checks for loading errors and can recognize when something on the loading stage is amiss and will tell you precisely what needs to be corrected to proceed with sequencing.   
  • No pipetting – Neither you, nor your lab wants to learn complex pipetting routines. Let the Revio system do the work.  

With the Revio system there are no tedious aliquoting sessions; no fear of loading the wrong sample into the wrong flow cell. The Revio system does it all behind the scenes, so you can walk away with confidence. Just keep the on-board store of tips topped-up and the instrument will do the rest.   


On-instrument computing 

The Revio system brings state-of-the-art computing power onboard –with the ability to generate HiFi reads, make methylation calls, and demultiplex right from the instrument. On the Revio platform, the heart of the sequencing process no longer requires purchasing additional computing power.  


Create and upload run designs from anywhere 

Contemporary scientific collaboration is dynamic and occurs between the lab and everywhere you go –be it a café, home office, or conference hall. SMRT Link software that supports the Revio system allows you to create customized sequencing programs from anywhere with a high-speed internet connection. Design them, assign them to a sample, and start sequencing when you get back into the lab or have a team member start a run using the run protocol you designed remotely.    


Sequence around the clock with ease 

The Revio system makes it easy for anyone to generate premium quality data around the clock with a fully automated workflow and the flexibility to change plans as needed.


Sequence continuously, free of tedious handholding 

Other long-read sequencing instruments can be complicated, finicky, and time-consuming to operate. They often feature complex hands-on time with time consuming and error-prone manual pipetting, long turnaround times per run, and the need to potentially return to the instrument during off hours to keep the sequencing going. The Revio system solves this problem with set-it-and-forget-it automation. Simply load, start, and walk away with the knowledge that genomic data will be coming your way in just 24 hours.   

smrt cell loading


Load materials for the next run, almost anytime 

With the Revio system, sequencing is designed to occur in a space that is safely and conveniently located away from the instrument’s interior loading space. This gives you the flexibility to open the door and load materials for the next run almost anytime.   

What if you have a run in-progress but an emergency demands that a new sample be added to the first spot in the queue? No problem. Simply open the Revio door and swap out the sample plates. The urgent sample will be analyzed as soon as the current one is done.     


Performance you can count on 

Revio was built to enable everyday users to achieve top-notch performance and data quality, making game-changing sequencing both accessible and reliable.


What you get   

Up to 1,300 30x human HiFi genomes per year is not a theoretical maximum capability of the Revio system –it is a realistic view of what you can achieve with Revio when following the appropriate library preparation protocols. †  


Made to study biology, not user forums  

The Revio system was created to deliver the most reliable and consistent long-read sequencing experience possible. Should you ever need assistance with your instrument, PacBio has a talented team of scientists and engineers who are devoted to helping you succeed in your sequencing goals. With PacBio, online user communities are a source of inspiration and enrichment, rather than a volunteer support base needed to troubleshoot frustrating performance as can be the case with some long-read sequencers.   

The Revio system is the complete package of long-read sequencing performance, innovation, and support that can take you into the next era of discovery.  


Are you ready for Revio?  

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Annual throughput is based on 1,300 Revio SMRT Cells. Expected coverage and throughput are estimates. Coverage may vary based on library quality and fragment lengths.  

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