January 5, 2016  |  General

Exploring Large Genomes at the Largest Ag Genomics Meeting in the World: PAG 2016

We’re looking forward to the International Plant and Animal Genome conference, taking place January 9-13 in San Diego. PAG features leading plant and animal scientists from around the world, and we’re continually impressed by their new discoveries and creative approaches to understanding large and complex genomes.
This year PAG attendees will have a number of opportunities to learn more about how SMRT Sequencing reveals new information about even well-characterized plant and animal genomes. We’ll be exhibiting in booth #421 — and showing off our new Sequel System — so please stop by and tell us about your work.
We’ll also be hosting a workshop: “Discover a More Complete View of Genetic Diversity.” It will be held on Tuesday, January 12, at 1:30 p.m. in the San Diego meeting room of the Town and Country Hotel. Here’s the speaker lineup:

  • Marty Badgett, PacBio
    SMRT Sequencing in 2016: Technology updates & developments
  • Oliver Ryder, San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research
    Conservation genomics of a critically endangered Hawaiian bird: A high quality genome assembly of the ’alala will assist in population management and reintroduction
  • Jenny Gu, PacBio
    The Genome Galaxy Initiative – expedited open-access genomic investigations
  • Doreen Ware, USDA at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
    Single-molecule sequencing of the maize genome and transcriptome
  • Alan Archibald, The Roslin Institute
    An improved reference pig genome sequence to enable research and prediction
  • Shwen Ho, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
    Empowering genetics research in Chenopodium quinoa with single molecule genomics

Finally, we’re making the most of having so many great scientists in one place by hosting a meeting for bioinformatics developers at the end of PAG. Our SMRT Informatics Developers Conference will take place from 12:00 – 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 13, in the San Diego room. The event is about developing and improving data analysis tools for PacBio SMRT Sequencing data, with an emphasis on collaboration and brainstorming. Our speakers will focus on de novo assembly and Iso-Seq data analysis:
Keynote speaker:
Sergey Koren, National Human Genome Research Institute
De novo assembly:
Jason Chin, PacBio
Alex Hastie, BioNano Genomics
Iso-Seq analysis:
Kin Fai Au, University of Iowa
Ana Conesa, University of Florida
Meisam Razaviyayn, Stanford University
Serghei Mangul, University of California, Los Angeles
Elizabeth Tseng, PacBio
Learn more about or register for this free event.  We look forward to seeing you in sunny San Diego!

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