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HiFi sequencing and software v11.0 release

The standard-setting Sequel IIe and Sequel II systems deliver:

  • Direct access to the only highly accurate long reads: PacBio HiFi reads
  • 5-base genome sequencing (A, T, G, C, 5mC) in native DNA, for immediate access to the epigenome with no special workflow or data processing steps
  • Deeper biological insights, less data processing, and faster results thanks to the exceptional clarity of HiFi reads
  • Reliable and affordable high-throughput sequencing for a broad range of applications

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HiFi sequencing and software v11.0 release

The v11.0 release offers a wide range of new features and improvements. This update extends PacBio’s unique and standard-setting HiFi sequencing to include access to the epigenome through automatic detection of 5mC bases in native DNA. Using standard sample preparation workflows and requiring no additional sequencing, equipment, or associated costs, this capability unlocks new research possibilities across a broad range of applications.

The v11.0 release also brings a wide range of workflow improvements to enhance customer experience. These include simplified, unified, and accelerated library preparation workflows and consumables, live instrument performance monitoring, and support for adeno-associated virus (AAV) genome sequencing.

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Library prep

The new SMRTbell prep kit 3.0, and binding kits 3.1 and 3.2 dramatically simplify and accelerate preparation of sequencing libraries and offer improved support for high-throughput operation and lab automation approaches.

New single-use versions of our SMRT Cell 8M tray and sequencing kit offer greater flexibility in instrument operation and run scheduling.

Access PacBio documentation, explore these new consumables, or contact Sales for pricing

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HiFi sequencing

PacBio’s new 5-base HiFi sequencing means users can now explore epigenomes without making any changes to their sequencing workflows. Find out more on our epigenetics page.

We’ve also added a dedicated sequencing mode for AAV (adeno-associated virus), designed to handle its unique genome architecture.

And for amplicon sequencing, we now have automatic detection and resolution of heteroduplex DNA molecules, a common PCR artifact.

Learn more about our whole genome sequencing applications or explore example datasets

Data analysis

SMRT Link 11.0 is now available for all Sequel II and Sequel IIe system users. Key improvements include support for our new consumables and library prep protocols, new real-time, detailed run status monitoring for all associated instruments, and support for all of our new sequencing workflows including 5-base HiFi sequencing.

Download SMRT Link v11.0

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New capability


This release introduces 5-base HiFi sequencing to detect 5mC methylation in standard sequencing runs. No changes are required to library prep or sequencing workflows. With a new software capability, the Sequel IIe system directly outputs HiFi reads with methylation calls.

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