Sequel systems

The award-winning PacBio Sequel systems are powered by HiFi sequencing technology and deliver highly accurate long reads.

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An introduction to the Sequel II systems

The PacBio Sequel II and IIe systems provide all scientists with access to high throughput, cost effective, highly accurate long-read sequencing. Watch this short video to learn how the Sequel II and IIe systems can help you be confident in your discoveries made possible with comprehensive views of genomes, transcriptomes, and epigenomes.

The Sequel system family of instruments

Sequel IIe system Sequel II system Sequel system
Supported SMRT Cell SMRT Cell 8M SMRT Cell 8M SMRT Cell 1M
Number of HiFi reads >99%* accuracy Up to 4,000,000 Up to 4,000,000 Up to 500,000
Sequencing runtime per SMRT Cell Up to 30 hrs Up to 30 hrs Up to 20 hrs
Instrument control software v10.1 v10.1 v8.0
SMRT Link v11.1 v11.1 v10.2
Performance data
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Features of all PacBio Sequel systems

  • Automated consumable handling with integrated software
  • Intuitive run setup and monitoring
  • Flexible runtime
  • Data available for analysis as each SMRT Cell completes
  • Fully automated: No manual touch points during a sequencing run

* Number of HiFi reads is dependent upon the insert size and sample quality



Scale your whole genome sequencing (WGS) and epigenome workflows with PacBio® HiFi reads employing a single technician working one day a week. Sequence 25 human genomes at ≥ 30-fold coverage each month using four Sequel® II systems.*

*At 30 Gb of HiFi yield per SMRT Cell 8M. Contact PacBio for specific sequencing run parameters.

Sequel IIe workflows

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Whole genome sequencing

For humans, plants, animals and microbes including de novo sequencing and variant detection

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RNA sequencing

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Detect DNA modifications in your samples while you sequence on the PacBio platform

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Targeted sequencing

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