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Fine mapping and candidate gene identification of the genic male-sterile gene ms3 in cabbage 51S.

Authors: Han, Fengqing and Yuan, Kaiwen and Kong, Congcong and Zhang, Xiaoli and Yang, Limei and Zhuang, Mu and Zhang, Yangyong and Li, Zhansheng and Wang, Yong and Fang, Zhiyuan and Lv, Honghao

The ms3 gene responsible for a male-sterile phenotype in cabbage was mapped to a 187.4-kb genomic fragment. The gene BoTPD1, a homolog of Arabidopsis TPD1, was identified as a strong candidate gene. Cabbage 51S is a spontaneous male-sterile mutant. Phenotypic investigation revealed defects in anther cell differentiation, with failure to form the tapetum layer and complete abortion of microsporocytes before the tetrad stage. Genetic analysis indicated that this male sterility was controlled by a single recessive gene, ms3. Using an F2 population, we mapped ms3 to a 187.4-kb interval. BoTPD1 was identified as a candidate from this interval. Sequence analysis revealed an intronic 182-bp insertion in 51S that interrupted the conserved motif at the 5' splicing site of the third intron, possibly resulting in a truncated transcript. Analyses of BoTPD1 homologous proteins revealed evolutionarily conserved roles in anther cell fate determination during reproductive development. RT-PCR showed that BoTPD1 was expressed in various tissues, excluding the root, and high expression levels were detected in anthers and buds. A BoTPD1-specific marker based on the 182-bp insertion cosegregated with male sterility and can be used for marker-assisted selection.

Journal: TAG. Theoretical and applied genetics
DOI: 10.1007/s00122-018-3180-9
Year: 2018

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