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Benchmarking computational tools for polymorphic transposable element detection.

Authors: Rishishwar, Lavanya and Mariño-Ramírez, Leonardo and Jordan, I King

Transposable elements (TEs) are an important source of human genetic variation with demonstrable effects on phenotype. Recently, a number of computational methods for the detection of polymorphic TE (polyTE) insertion sites from next-generation sequence data have been developed. The use of such tools will become increasingly important as the pace of human genome sequencing accelerates. For this report, we performed a comparative benchmarking and validation analysis of polyTE detection tools in an effort to inform their selection and use by the TE research community. We analyzed a core set of seven tools with respect to ease of use and accessibility, polyTE detection performance and runtime parameters. An experimentally validated set of 893 human polyTE insertions was used for this purpose, along with a series of simulated data sets that allowed us to assess the impact of sequence coverage on tool performance. The recently developed tool MELT showed the best overall performance followed by Mobster and then RetroSeq. PolyTE detection tools can best detect Alu insertion events in the human genome with reduced reliability for L1 insertions and substantially lowered performance for SVA insertions. We also show evidence that different polyTE detection tools are complementary with respect to their ability to detect a complete set of insertion events. Accordingly, a combined approach, coupled with manual inspection of individual results, may yield the best overall performance. In addition to the benchmarking results, we also provide notes on tool installation and usage as well as suggestions for future polyTE detection algorithm development. Published by Oxford University Press 2016. This work is written by US Government employees and is in the public domain in the US.

Journal: Briefings in bioinformatics
DOI: 10.1093/bib/bbw072
Year: 2017

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