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We work with a wide range of industry-leading organizations to ensure the compatibility of products optimized for use in PacBio workflows. Our partners have been qualified by PacBio scientists to provide seamless integration and support for customers who are just starting out with PacBio sequencing or expanding their current capabilities. 

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Hamilton workstations are compatible automation solutions for PacBio sequencing platforms. Hamilton and PacBio have partnered to develop walk-away automation solutions for both High Molecular Weight (HMW) DNA extraction on the Nimbus Presto and the SMRTbell Prep Kit 3.0 PacBio Library Preparation kits on the NGS Star to enable genomic workflows globally.

Integra Biosciences

The MIRO CANVAS system is a compatible automation solution which uses digital microfluidics to provide walkaway library preparation for PacBio sequencing platforms. It fully automates PCR-free WGS library preparation of long DNA Fragments using PacBio’s SMRTbell Prep Kit 3.0 with 1-5 μg high quality, high molecular weight input DNA. The MIRO CANVAS system generates high quality results with total library quantity, HiFi yield, read length, read quality and structural variant detection comparable to manually prepared libraries.

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Revvity offers vendor qualified, NGS library prep automated solutions for the PacBio HiFi Express Template Kit 2.0 and the SMRTbell Prep Kit 3.0.  Available from bench-top to fully automated sized-systems and designed for 8 to 384 sample throughput workflows, no programming or method development is needed by the user.  Revvity has hundreds of NGS workstations in the field and has a global team of NGS application, service, and sales experts.  With an ever-growing library of vendor qualified NGS library prep methods, Revvity is an ideal partner for NGS automation solutions.

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Tecan offers multiplexed library preparation that is a compatible automation solution for PacBio sequencing platforms. The Tecan DreamPrep NGS Compact is a walkaway automation solution for NGS library prep with flexible configurations to deliver consistent, sequencing-ready libraries for a wide range of NGS protocols with minimal manual intervention that match different throughput requirements for your PacBio sequencer.

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Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ purification instruments automate the extraction of DNA, RNA, proteins, and cells.  KingFisher instruments provide easy-to-follow protocols that remove manual steps and reduce overall processing time and errors associated with sample preparation while increasing the yield reproducibility of your results compared to the manual workflows.  KingFisher instruments are compatible with PacBio® Nanobind® HT kits.

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