February 5, 2021  |  Webinar

Webinar: Long HiFi reads for high-quality genome assemblies

In this LabRoots webinar, Jonas Korlach the CSO of PacBio provides an introduction to PacBio HiFi sequence reads, which are both long (up to 25 kb currently) and accurate (>99%) at the individual single-molecule sequence read level andhave allowed for advances in de novo genome assemblies. Korlach reviews the characteristics of HiFi read data obtained with the Sequel II System, followed by examples of high-quality genome assemblies for human, plant and animal genomes including the different aspects of evaluating genome assemblies (contiguity, accuracy, completeness and allelic phasing) and illustrates their high quality by examples of resolving centromeres, telomeres, segmental duplications and other previous difficult to resolve regions. Korlach also presents on advances with regard to reducing the DNA input requirements (down to 5 ng for some of the presented examples) to allow for the sequencing of single individuals of small organisms, and summarize the latest advances in using full-length RNA sequencing using the Iso-Seq method for genome annotation.

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