September 22, 2019  |  

TACO produces robust multisample transcriptome assemblies from RNA-seq.

Authors: Niknafs, Yashar S and Pandian, Balaji and Iyer, Hariharan K and Chinnaiyan, Arul M and Iyer, Matthew K

Accurate transcript structure and abundance inference from RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) data is foundational for molecular discovery. Here we present TACO, a computational method to reconstruct a consensus transcriptome from multiple RNA-seq data sets. TACO employs novel change-point detection to demarcate transcript start and end sites, leading to improved reconstruction accuracy compared with other tools in its class. The tool is available at and can be readily incorporated into RNA-seq analysis workflows.

Journal: Nature methods
DOI: 10.1038/nmeth.4078
Year: 2017

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