April 21, 2020  |  

Complete Genome Sequence of emm1 Streptococcus pyogenes 10-85, a Strain Isolated from a Patient with Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome in Japan.

Authors: Tatsuno, Ichiro and Isaka, Masanori and Matsumoto, Masakado and Nishio, Naomi and Matsui, Hideyuki and Hasegawa, Tadao

Here, we announce the complete genome sequence of Streptococcus pyogenes strain 10-85 (type emm1), isolated from a patient with streptococcal toxic shock syndrome (STSS). The strain lacks the genomic regions encoding SalR-SalK, a two-component regulatory system, and the adjacent type I restriction modification system.Copyright © 2019 Tatsuno et al.

Journal: Microbiology resource announcements
DOI: 10.1128/MRA.00453-19
Year: 2019

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