February 26, 2024

Resolving variation in polymorphic regions of the human genome

Author(s): Egor Dolzhenko1, Graham S Erwin2, Katherine Wang2, Zev Kronenberg1, William J Rowell1, Anna C Ferrari3, Garrison Pease3, Daniel Schwartz3, Benjamin Gartrell3, Ahmed Aboumohamed3, Alex Sankin3, Pedro Maria3, Kara Watts3, John M Greally4, Patrick Wilkinson5, Yashoda Rajpurohit5, John Loffredo5, Denis Smirnov5, Manuel A Sepulveda5, Charles G Drake5, Alex Robertson1, Michael P Snyder2, Michael A Eberle11. PacBio, Menlo CA, USA; 2. Stanford University,CA, USA; 3. Montefiore-Einstein Cancer Center, NY, USA; 4. Einstein Epigenomics Center, NY, USA; 5. Janssen Research and Development LLC, PA, USA

Organization: PacBio
Year: 2024

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