February 5, 2021  |  Webinar

Webinar: New PacBio solutions for high-resolution microbiology & immunology analysis

PacBio sequencing has been recognized as the gold-standard in microbial sequencing due to simultaneously providing long sequence reads (genome contiguity), high consensus accuracy (genome accuracy), minimal sequence bias (genome completeness), and methylation detection (bacterial epigenome). In his talk Jonas Korlach, highlights new advances and updates on applying PacBio sequencing in microbiology, including multiplexed microbial sequencing on the Sequel System and full-length bacterial RNA sequencing. In the second part of his talk, he covers how the generation of high-accuracy, single-molecule consensus reads, through a process called circular consensus sequencing – a capability unique to PacBio sequencing technology – can be leveraged for high-resolution insights into immune repertoires and other immunology relevant studies.

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