February 5, 2021  |  Presentation

Virtual Global Summit: HIT-scISOseq – High-throughput and high-accuracy single-cell full-length isoform sequencing

In this PacBio Virtual Global Summit 2020 presentation, Tang Chong of BGI shares work on how single-cell isoform sequencing can reveal transcriptomic dynamics in individual cells invisible to bulk- and single-cell RNA analysis based on short-read sequencing. However, current long-read single-cell sequencing technologies have been limited by low throughput and high error rate. Chong introduces HIT-scISOseq for high-throughput single-cell isoform sequencing. This method was made possible by full-length cDNA capture using biotinylated PCR primers, and by a novel library preparation procedure that combines head-to-tail concatemeric full-length cDNAs into a long SMRTbell insert for high-accuracy PacBio Sequencing. HIT-scISOseq represents a high-throughput, cost-effective, and technically simple method to accelerate the burgeoning field of long-read single-cell transcriptomics.

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